One Night Stand Etiquette Course

Have you ever wondered whether to leave a note as you sneak out of a one night stand? Well I found an educational video by Miss Chelsea Handler on the proper etiquette of a one night stand where she recommends to leave a note no matter how the night went. Here is a typical note that Miss Chelsea suggest.

Hey YOU!!! Last Night was a blast. Good Luck with everything. All the best. Chelsea.

She didn’t mentioned it but I recommend having a few of these notes written up before you go to the bar so that the morning after the one night stand you don’t have to waste time in writing.

Miss Chelsea says, “I mean, we are all members of society, so you want to have the proper etiquette when you meet someone you barely know and then you let them stick it to you.”

Miss Chelsea believes in the following little mantra: wipe out, put out, and get out

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