New Money Smells Like Old Money

Last year I learned that the rich get richer. If I learned anything from Forbes’ 2007 list of Riches Peeps it is that money knows no borders. I, like most people I know, gloss over the list of the riches folks because I want to gain some insight as to where they are making the money.

Show me the money!
The United States is still the land of opportunity as demonstrated by the 44 new billionaires that appeared on the Forbes list. Russia gained 19 new members in the list. Spain’s economy is hot as demonstrated with 10 new billionaires. India is the fastest growing region in Asia with 14 new faces to the list of riches peeps while China’s state sponsored growth isn’t left behind with 13 new billionaires. Just to finish of the list of countries with the newest billionaires Turkey and Brazil welcomed 4 and 3 respectively.

The top three people on the list did not changed positions, as Bill Gates held onto the the top spot, followed by Warren Buffet and Mexican fat cat Carlos Slim Helu. Mr. Slim made anything but slim pickings this past year as he earned an estimated $19 billion to bring his personal wealth close to $50 billion. I am no math genius, but that is about a billion dollars a month! How much did you make last month? Let me just tell you that I didn’t make no billion dollar last month.

The Riches Chicks
One interesting fact is that the riches female in the Netherlands and Mexico made their fortunes through beer. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken of the Netherlands is worth around $7.2 billion, now that is beer money. Mexico’s Maria Aramburuzabala is worth around $2.0 from sales of Corona beer.

Women, beer, and money are a seductive combination. Here is a sexy sampling of the some of the world’s riches women in the world. Let me just state for the record that I wouldn’t mind being the personal boy toy for any of these women, no matter how old they are!

Liliane Battencourt, France, $20 billion
Abigail Johnson, United States, $13
Jacqueline Mars, United States, $10.5
Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, Netherlands, $7.2 billion
Ester Koplowitz, Spain, $5 billion
Alicia Koplowitz, Spain, $5 billion
Rosalia Mera, Spain, $3.4 billion
Elena Baturina, Russia, $3.1 billion
Giulina Benetton, Italy, $2.9 billion
Yan Cheung, China, $2.4 billion

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