Triumph at American Idol

This week American Idol will be show their Memphis and NY auditions. Fox usually showcases the worst of the worst during their audition shows. Just to get a different perspective of the American Idol auditions here is video of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Hawaiian American Idol auditions from a season or two ago. This is hilarious.

Fox, American Idol, and/or stadium security actually escort Triumph out of Aloha stadium. Triumph then takes his cause to the local NBC affiliate, KHNL, in Honolulu. It just gets bad from there on for the local newsman in particular and Hawaii in general!

Triumph is one bad puppy! Here is another video of Triumph at the opening Star Wars I: Attack of the Clones.

Triumph finds a guy waiting in line and says, “Look at this one. OMG. You look like some kind of super nerd. Looks like you where built in the laboratory out of parts of lesser nerds. … Bionic nerd if you will. Jedi Obi Wanna WackOff Right Now.”

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