Shut Down SexTube

A lot of news sites and blogs are buzzing about a recent court decision against Google’s YouTube. This is an interesting case because the court was in Brazil and it has ordered that YouTube be “shut down” until the hot and steamy sex tape of Daniela Cicarelli is removed. Daniela is a Brazilian MTV vj, model and ex-wife of soccer great Ronaldo. From Daniella’s wikipedia entry…

The video was banned from YouTube. However despite YouTube’s efforts to withdraw the clip it continues to appear on the site. A Brazilian court has ordered YouTube to find a way to permanently block the video from being uploaded on its servers.

Daniella CicarelliThe video of course has been copied and posted on sites other than YouTube. Now the attention from the court decision put on the spotlight on the video of Daniella’s sexy beach escapades.

The video is not as graphic as other celebrity sex tapes like Pamela Anderson’s infamous sex tape with then husband Tommy Lee, or Tammy the student at NYP in Singapore. The video shows Daniela with boyfriend Renato ‘Tato’ Melzoni in a public beach in Spain touching and foundling. The couple then goes into the ocean and where they proceed to make love.

From the above facts, I just can’t see how a Brazilian court can make such a judgment against Google or YouTube but you should make up your own conclusions. Read more about the story here, here, here. See the video here and even in Google Video here.

The funny thing is that no one is complaining about Saddam’s execution tape from being shown!

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