Kevin Smith vs. Giant Spider

Here is a collection of funny as shit Kevin Smith videos from a lecture series. In Superman Lives! Kevin Smith Speaks, Kevin provides a wealth of insider tidbits regarding the ins and out of the show biz, “because in Hollywood you fail upwards…”

In Kevin Smith talks about Tim Burton, Kevin goes in depth describing the relationship between the two film makers.

In Kevin Smith talks about Dogma, Kevin talks about his Catholic upbringing and how he protested his own file, Dogma, with large sandwich board size signs that read “Dogma is dog shit” and “To hell with Dogma.”

And in Kevin Smith on his worst sexual experience, talks about how he meet his wife. He thought he was going to have a one night stand with this chick but ended up marrying her. Of the experience he says:

I just know that no boose were involve, which I am proud of, because Sometimes I look at my wife and think, ‘you have to be drunk to fuck me.’

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