Massacre At Qana Part Deux

In April 1996, the Israeli military shelled a UN secured compound killing 106 civilians and 4 UN soldiers in Qana, a city in southern Lebenon. Fast foward 10 years later to July 2006, this time an Israeli airstrike killed 60 civilians (37 of which where children). It is blatantly clear that these people (choose who ‘these people’ are: the UN, the US, Israel, Hezbollah, civilians, the French) don’t learn from their history. I mean in one form or another the Land of Canaan has always been ‘bombed’ since biblical times by their neighbors to the south in the Land of David. If I was the mayor of Qana I would change the name of the city and maybe invest in some white flags so the city won’t be bombed again in 10 years from now.

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