Alizee Redux

I recently discovered the music of Alizee. I went to iTunes but couldn’t find her music there (at least in the American version) but I found more videos at here. There is an English version of Jen Ai Marre. I think Alizee sounds better in French. I mean when she sings in French I know what the hell she is talking about. Once I found out that Jen Ai Marre is about bubbles and water I didn’t find it as exotic and mysterious.

I also recommend Moi… Lolita (Me.. Lolita) and Contre Courant (Against the current). There is something airy about her music, in particular her voice. She is a pop signer but not the manufactured pop that I am so accustomed to. She is like organic pop as opposed American artificial flavored and colored culturally bland and processed pop.

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