As a non French speaker, I just discovered the Alizee. In my naivete of French music I innocently compare Alizee to Britney Spears circa Opps! I did it again. Both Britney are Alizee are from the south of there perspective countries except that the south of France conjures images on refined taste and chateaus while with the American south one is reminded of deep fried bananas and trailer parks.

French singer Alizee

You can find several videos of Alizee on Google Videos and what you cant find on Google you will find on Wikipedia. French is a romance language and Alizee pronounces it especially well in Jen Ai Marre and this performance of Gourmandises.

If I had one negative critique of Alizee it would be her dancing. I don’t think she would get selected as a finalist on So you think you can dance! Alizee’s moves are more akin to that of a stripper, somewhat amateurish.

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