Massacre At Haditha

This has been a Memorial Day weekend that the United States would rather forget. Over the weekend news broke about a massacre in Iraq and a riot broke loose in Afghanistan.

More information is being made available regarding the alleged massacre at Haditha, Iraq, by U.S. Marines. From what is understood, on November 19, 2005 a roadside improvised explosive device killed a marine on patrol. In the hours that followed 24 civilians, including women and children, where killed by American forces. At first those dead where said to be enemy combatants, including a three year old child.

Over the weekend, a riot broke loose in Afghanistan after a military vehicle was involved in an accident leaving dead and injured civilians. Protesters and rioters alike chanted the same old ‘death to America’ slogan after the military hit and run.

We are definitely not going to win the heart and minds of the Iraqi and Afghan people if we keep killing them, even if by accident.

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