Border Wars

President Bush announced today that he will deploy some 6,000 National Guards along the United States border with Mexico. 6,000 National Guards is a force 1/2 of that deployed in the Afghanistan, about 5% of the number of servicemen in Iraq. It seems that the United States has declared a war on the border. The United States is currently engaged in multiple wars in many fronts, a War on Drugs, a War on Terror, an wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The United States is also in a war of words with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Iran over its nuclear ambitions and now we have declared war on the border.

Canada who also shares a border with the United State will not see militarization along its border. From

But there are lingering perceptions that Canada is a haven for terrorists. American officials have said they’re more worried about the border with Canada than Mexico when it comes to terrorists.

Lets not forget that the 911 hijackers had connections in Canada, not in Mexico. I mean, why put troops in border with Mexico? Osama is not hiding along the Rio Grande.

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