The fact that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp bought MySpace for an estimated $580 million has been widely covered. News Corp is the parent company of the Fox television network amongst other publishing outlets. When I first heard that Murdoch bought MySpace I thought that Bill O’Reilly would soon create his own MySpace page.

The most popular page on MySpace is that of Tila Tequila, a bikini-model-singer-songwriter-entrepreneur. Tila made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show and this is how she described MySpace:

It’s like my own little city there.

A comment on one of the online video sharing websites had this to say about Tila’s online popularity:

Being the most popular person on is pretty much like being the smartest kid with downs syndrome.

Tila is not shy to show skin and perhaps this is why she is so popular, I mean sex sells and she is selling it. She posts a ton of her modeling pictures on her MySpace page. I myself don’t think she is all that hot maybe that is just me but I think she has the body of a little girl and the head of an alien.

Tila is also not shy to take credit for the success of MySpace. On an interview with she said:

Friendster failed because they kicked me off and Myspace rules because they invited me over after Friendster kicked me off 5 times. (laughs) So I mass emailed 30,000 people from my personal mailing list and invited everyone.

Is this is true maybe Murdoch should put her on the board. Yeah, I don’t think that will happen. What I am afraid will happen is that the vibes of MySpace will change because of Murdoch’s policies. I think that MySpace will become more like Murdoch’s Space, or MuSpace.

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