Lock, Stock, And Jam

The U.S. Military revealed video of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the most wanted terrorist in Iraq, fumbling with a jammed U.S. made machine gun. The military wants to demonstrate him as an inept terrorist when have all seen plenty of videos that shows that President Bush is an inept leader. I would much rather have an inept terrorist hiding in a cave than an inept president making bad decisions. The problem is that even if the military paints Zarqawi as a clown, Zarqawi still has evaded capture from the worlds greatest military units. For all the jokes that military officials makes about how Zarqawi handles a machine, our troops are still dying in Iraq. The military should get this straight, by no means is Zarqawi a joke.

Ok, the funny thing about all this is that now we know that Cheney is a better shot than Zarqawi.

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