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The hot button issue this week has been the massive protests against HR 5537. This week Jon Stewart confronted the issue on The Daily Show.

On Thursday, March 30, Jon said that:

At the heart of this debate is a bill approved by the senate judiciary committee that will let illegal aliens takes steps towards citizenship. Those steps towards citizenship? Learn English, pay taxes, and start resenting future immigrants.

Jon also spoke with Lou Dobbs from Lou Doobs Tonight. Lou bluntly stated:

I’m not a big fan of celebrating our differences, I’m more a fan of celebrating our similarities. It wouldn’t bother me a bit if Columbus day, St. Patrick’s day, those sort of ethnocentric holidays went away and we celebrated our commonalities and similarities as Americans.

Are you fucking kidding me. That was Jon’s response. Does Lou intend for Indian women to stop wearing kurtas, saris, bindis when working and living here? What about those elderly Vietnamese that practice tai chi in the park with their traditional cone shaped hats? I guess Lou Dobbs intends for Little Italy but become Little America and China Town renamed to America Town.

On Tuesday, March 28, Jon had Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International, as his guest. Regarding the immigration issue Fareed said:

There is a serious issue here because you have 11 or 12 million people who are living in America; we are not going to deport them, no democracy would ever do that and certainly we aren’t going to do it. The odd thing to me, we are now getting fascinated by the European solution to immigration, the guess worker, deportation, very script border controls, like that has work so well in Europe. They have a disaffected, alienated, immigrant population that is basically ripe for radicalism and prone to terrorism. … We do immigration very well and we are looking to the French one this one issue for a solution, it is totally bizarre.

Senior Los Angeles Bureau Chief Ed Helms had a more anti-immigrant point of view on Monday, March 27. This is what Ed Helms said in regards last weeks massive protest in Los Angeles:

I would remind you that many of them are taking work away from American protesters, salt of the earth natives who would welcome even the chance to complain but can’t compete against people willing to march for longer hours, with cheaper signs, or with minimum rage.

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