The Rich Get Richer

Forbes recently release the a special feature of the world’s riches bitches. It is of no surprise that Bill Gates still tops the list with an estimated $50 billion. That is a five, which I have, followed by a bunch of zeros, which I don’t have. You would think it would be easy to add on a zero to a simple number such as 5 but it ain’t. In simple financial terms, zeros don’t accumulate zeros.

Following a recent thread of the economic development in Mexico, the third riches fat cat is the Mexican national Carlos Slim Helu with an estimated $30 billion, that is 300 billion in pesos. Ten of the world riches peeps hold a Mexican citizenship with a total amount of $50 billion green backs compared the combined fortunes of the riches Spaniards with $36.3 billion big ones.

A billionaire that I have mention here before is Price Al-weed, I mean Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud. The price is no pauper with his $20 billion and a large stake in Citigroup; pay off your credit card debt because for these folks it is like taking 20% of interests from a baby.

Using the information from The World’s Billionaires as a rough economic report card for nations, it can be demonstrated that 33 Russian Billionaires have profited since the fall of communism. Russia is a large country with abundant natural resources such as oil and timber which some have exploited. India, the largest democracy with nearly a billion people, faired well with 23 billionaires. India’s cheap labor force affords intrepid industrialist to make billions in industries where westerners can’t squeeze profits. India has also benefited from outsourcing largely due to the fact hundreds of school are producing thousands of college educated Indians and most of them Indians speak English; albeit English English as opposed to American English.

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