Internet High

Is it just me or does the blogsphere remind you of high school? It seemed to me that around Christmas of 2005 there was a contest of Miss Blog where contenders like Dawn Yang and Daphne Teo battled it out on Technorati for the most popular search. It is all so reminiscent of popularity contests in high school. Dawn and Daphne are not longer the top searches but other net celebs have taken their place.

Stuff Magazine’s April 2006 cover girl is Tila Tequila, “with the world’s most popular MySpace page, Tila Tequila has taken over the internet.” Tila currently has 850,000 friends on MySpace while I only have one, Tom. Tila is a model, song writer, and singer that has found a launching pad in MySpace.

On an aside, MySpace was recently reported to generate more traffic than Google. Maybe it shows the fack that I am not kewl because I think that 99.9% of the pages up on MySpace are crap, including Tila’s top rated page. A typical MySpace page has all the bad design techniques of a 1998 web page; cheesy animated images, horrible background images and awful layout.

So you want to be an internet celebrity? Well, first and foremost you have to have a blog or MySpace page where you can post tons of pictures of you and your hot friends. Post pictures of you as you go about your business, in the bathroom, hanging out with friends, going out shopping while trying out skimpy clothes.

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