Veer-Zaara is a tale of two cities, well actually two countries, that of Pakistan and Hindustan (India). Indian Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh falls in love when he briefly meets Zaara Hayaat Khan, a Pakistani aristocrat from Lahore. Veer and Zaara spend just two days together but that is enough for them to endure twenty years apart. Veer is locked up for twenty years in Pakistan for a trumped up charge of espionage while Zaara spends that time away from her country in Indian keeping his memory alive when she is told that he died in a bus accident. It’s really cheesy that they spend just two days together and they they fall soo deeply in love. Here is one of the melodramatic lines that just made me crack up:

He hasn’t even touched me Ma, but I have lost my heart and soul to him

Aside from the melodramatic love story this movie has a slight political message, that these two countries which have fought in several wars are cut from the same cloth. When Veer is vindicated from jail after twenty-two years he says:

He says that I’m not like her, then why does she look like me…

Veer is played by the Indian film legend Shah Rukh Khan while Zaara is played by Priety Zinta. Zaara is not at all that hot, I actually thought the lawyer was cuter but Priety did play her role well, that of a spoiled aristocrat. If I remember right, I think I have seen Priety play roles like this before, she must have first hand knowledge about how to behave as a rich spoiled aristocrat.

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