National Security Outsourced To Dubai

Ok, we are not outsourcing our national security to Dubai Ports World just the shipping operation of six major US ports. Dubai Ports World, a United Arab Emirates owned and operated company bought the British company that had previously operated these ports for $6.8 billion. Congressional leaders from both parties are up in arms about this deal claiming national security as their main concern. If the deal goes through Dubai Ports World would operate ports in Baltimore, Miami, New Orleans, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

I personally don’t think a company will pay $6.8 billion just to attack New Orleans or Miami. If they were smart, they would save their cash and wait for another hurricane to hit. I am sure Dubai Ports World loves money more than they hate Americans. Bush loves money more than he hates Osama. Instead of national security I am concerned with economic security.

Dubai Ports World is not the first foreign owned and operated company to buy out American interests. Saudi Arabia national and crowned Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud owns a controlling stake in Citigroup, cancel your citibank credit card!! Lets not forget that Chinese computer make Lenovo recently bought out IBM’s computer division. And just last year China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) bid $18.5 billion for Unocal. In 1998, Mercedes-Benz merged with Chrysler to take controlling stake in the American auto company.

As a nation, we should be more concerned with our long term economic sovereignty than the security of some shipping crates.

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