Cheney Shots Supporter

At first I thought it was a headline from The Onion picked up the the Associated Press but apparently Vice President Cheney did shot a political supporter and Johnson County family lawyer Harry Whittington, 78. If this is how Mr. Cheney treats republican supporters think of how he treats democrats!! Mr. Cheney really is such a good shot, he got the poor lawyer right in the face, that I think we should enlist him in the marines and send his ass to Iraq.

Ten Ways Dick Can Kill You

Kung Fu is strong with the Vice President, the above image lists all his known deadly moves! Link to Ten Ways Dick Can Kill You. Lets not forget the Rummy’s Fighting Techiques

It seems like in the Middle East every militia is a brigade, such as the Martyrs Bridgade. I feel like Condi, Rumsy, and Dick make up part of the Bush Brigade. You better watch out becuase if the Bush Bridgade don’t bomb your ass they will shoot your face.

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