State Censorsearch

With the recent news that Google will censor search results for their Chinese website to appease the communist government in that country, one is reminded of similar actions taken by Yahoo. Well, except Yahoo does not only censor its search results but it has also been reported that Yahoo even turns dissidents over to the Chinese government. Back in 2005, Yahoo helped the Chinese government in outing Shi Tao, a journalist working for the Contemporary Business News in China. Shi Tao received a ten year sentence for writing his views and apparently using a Yahoo email account. The Cultural Revolution has meet the Internet Revolution. Google who stores just about everything it can from it’s search site, toolbar, and email accounts can probably incriminate you just for being curious. Will Google be the next internet snitch? I think now I know what the Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” button really means; it means that you are betting that the Department of Homeland Security won’t be knocking down your door if you search for ‘uranium’ on froogle.

With the recent uproar in the Arab world about Danish cartoons, will internet search giants such as Google offer censored search results for those countries as well? What can I, as an aspiring dictator, do to have Google censor their search results to meet my needs? Inquiring minds want to know.

What these giant search engines do should be called censorsearch instead of censorship.

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