Oprah’s Big Drama

So is Oprah a dupe or are you? I am not saying that this is a publicity stunt like given away a new car to every single person in her audience but she is sure milking the whole A Million Little Pieces book is a lie thing. Oprah recently said on her show, watched by millions of stay at home moms, “I really feel duped. But more importantly I feel that you betrayed millions of readers.” James Frey’s A million Little Pieces turned into A Million Big Ones when Oprah selected the book for her Oprah’s Book Club last September. The book was sold over 3.5 million copies and lead to successful sequel My Friend Leopard. In the Man the Conned Oprah, The Smoking Gun reveals that many of the accounts in James Frey book A Million Little Pieces did not happened as the author describes in his ‘memoir.’ The arrests and turbulent where just James writing with a suspended creative license.

But the question still remains, who is the real dupe? Oprah? I think that if anybody conned Oprah it was Dr. Phil. How is that working for you, Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil is making millions selling his psychobabble advice in books, CDs, and his syndicated show. Dr. Phil’s success has opened the door to Jay McGraw who followed into his pops footsteps writing for unsuspecting audience member and self help groupies. So you see, if anyone duped Oprah it was Dr. Phil that launched a whole new career for him and his son.

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