Male Pattern Stress

According to Wikipedia, the average life expectancy for American men is 75 compared to 80 for women. On average, men die up to five years earlier than women and I would say that the reason for that difference is women. It’s very stressful to be a man in our society, to be the bread winner, the head of household, the provider and decider. In addition to providing financially for the family, men have to provide security, and moral support which includes going shopping with the wife and answering dangerous and difficult questions like “does this make me look fat?” What is often missed as the cause of the early demise of men is that women do put a lot of extra pressure on men.

Men are constantly juggling between pressure and stress at work and at home. If the family car develops an issues, the men have to take care of it. If the house springs a leak, the men have to address it. If the neighbor is too loud, the men have to resolve it with the neighbor. If the kids are having problems at school, the men have to handle it. If there are problems at work, the men have to deal with it.

If your partner is stress, she will let you know about it. If she is concerned, you are the first to hear about. If she doesn’t like something, you better not like it either. If she she reads all of TMZ to you, you better pay attention because there will be a quiz later. If she wants something done to the house, you better go to Home Depot. If she wants to keep up with the Joneses, you better refinance it.

All of this stress, burden, pressure, tension builds up in a man and it eventually crushes him physically. When I see a large or fat man out with his beautiful wife and family at a chain restaurant ordering a large medium rare piece of stake, I feel sorry for the guy and think to myself, “that guy is trying to kill himself… slowly, one meal at a time.”

Retweet November 2009

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in November 2009. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • Obama bow down when you come to my town. Obama bows down to the King of Saudi Arabia, Emperor of Japan, and Goldman Sachs.
  • Did President Obama pardon the turkey or bow down to it?
  • Trick or treat? Saving or creating jobs? Which one is it?
  • The state dinner crashers will be put on no fly list and, considered traitors, and are declared enemies of the state. No soup for you!

Got Gov?

  • The United States does not control it’s own destiny any more.
  • The state is the enemy of itself.
  • Zombies have infiltrated all branches of our government.
  • Lady Gaga for Secretary of State!!!
  • The government is not to big to FAIL! It fails everyday…
  • Hip Hop don’t stop but hope don’t float.
  • Read what the CIA reads, not what the CIA writes.
  • Lest we forget, politics is more than hope, promises, and speeches.


  • When blue collar jobs disappear, white collar jobs will follow, and when white collar jobs are gone, we will all be left shirtless.
  • In the future you will need a high school diploma, a BS, and MBA, and a PHD to get hired for a job.
  • Investment bankers are just banksters, a college degree or two of separation from your typical mafia gangsters.
  • The oldest scam in the book: there is a great fortune and it is all yours if you pay up front a finders, commission, transaction fee…
  • Some people are hungry with their eyes, not with their inner being, so they are never satisfied with what they have.
  • Every time I go to the bank there is a hold up, but not by a stereotypical bank robber, the bank is robbing customers with crazy fees…
  • You know what they say “the taller they are the harder they fall” but in financial terms “you are too big to FAIL.”
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, put some in a basket in a Swiss bank deposit box too.
  • The economy requires new markets, since the world is flat we are running out of physical markets. We need to invent new virtual ones.
  • The Cold Cash War: The US and China are fighting an economic cold cash war with weak currencies.
  • Some create supply, others create demand, but the successful capitalist creates the illusion of supply and demand.


  • In the last month, more people have died from land mines than from swine flu! There is no vaccine for stepping in a land mine.
  • Everybody is a fiend for the vaccine.
  • Some go coo coo for cocoa puffs, others go pandemonium for swine flu pandemics.
  • The bridge to the future starts off a the bridge to no where.
  • The new world religion is green and all that don’t believe are heretics that will burned alive in a CO2 filled green house.
  • Nothing says “I Love You” like blood diamonds.
  • News don’t sell, it is speculations and opinions of news that sells.
  • Israeli pirates hijack container ship off the coast of Cyprus.
  • There are lies, damn lies, and statistics… And damn statistics, and news headlines.
  • There is no cure all for the health industry.
  • I hate to say it but the next Watergate scandal will not be broken by the New York Times but by TMZ.


  • OH: You didn’t eat good and eating is good.
  • OH: wouldn’t it be kewl if they connect FarmVille and Cafe World so that your restaurant can get fresh organic food from your friends farm?
  • OH: I’m single but never alone.
  • OH: He is not to smart, he is to busy to be smart.
  • OH: That ain’t no muffin top, that’s a muffin cake!
  • OH: He is all sweaty, he looks like he was running or he killed someone.


  • Prediction 2010: we will had adjuvants in cereal.
  • Prediction 2010: Obama will bow down to Price and Queen Latifah.


  • The BART police is giving a bad name to BART riders.
  • If you believe in God I have some indulgences I like to sell you.
  • It is best to have more suggestions than complains.
  • It is best to have more ideas than opinions.
  • Homelessness is not helplessness.
  • In the future there will be vaccine for individualism.
  • Being green of envy for green backs does not make you green.
  • I’m trying very hard to not have to work so hard.
  • I am not much concerned with real piracy, or music piracy, but privacy piracy.
  • Love = 60% chemical imbalance + 30% irrational behavior + 20% (age * loneliness)
  • Love is a four letter word
  • There is love potions but is there a love vaccine?
  • A book is heavier than the Internet.
  • Old teachers don’t change, they just get revised answer keys.
  • Saying “that is so high school” is so middle school.
  • For every attractions there is an equal and sometimes opposite reaction.
  • I’ve heard of “pay to play” but never “pay to pitch.”
  • Why am I awake, I should be in hibernate mode.
  • The day after Turkey Day is Leftover Day.
  • It seems that everybody in the streets has been infected with Mad Turkey Disease. Everyone is going gaga for the gobble gobble.
  • Opinions are the opiates of the arrogant.
  • It is true that these hips don’t lie but they sure know how to tell a tall tale.
  • It’s Yahweh or the high way.
  • Don’t try to make something that is not into something that it won’t.


  • The holidays, are they about spending time with family or trying to impress family?
  • If God is from Heaven, is he an illegal alien?
  • In what do atheists trust if they don’t trust in God?
  • Which came first, the chicken or God?
  • Do you pay full attention or do you try to get attention at a discount?
  • Do you pull your weight or push your weight around?
  • If you got it should you sell it, save it, or work it?
  • Are you in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal market?
  • Are you a code breaker or a code whisperer?
  • Are you a go getter, go doer, or a gopher (go-for this, go go-for that)?
  • Self help or self made?
  • Which is worst, “not too bad” or “not too good”?
  • How many human beings have ever lived?
  • Is your past holding back your future?
  • Why is it that most of the top blogs are about SEO and blogging?
  • Do you look at the road ahead or the road behind?
  • Why isn’t palindrome not spelled palindromemordnilap?
  • Did you know there is a ‘Poetry – Undead’ book genre?
  • Are you a spring chicken or a fall turkey?
  • Is love blind or is love blinding?
  • When will private water bottling companies take over public water utilities companies?