California Redemption Value Tax

Without a doubt climate change is real. The climate of the earth has changed over time, from hot humid temperatures at the time of the dinosaurs to as cold as an ice chest as recent of 10 thousand years ago. The earth’s climate changes for a variety of reason for which scientists don’t yet understand. What is true, is that the last ice age was not caused by man.

So if man did not cause the last ice age, and the earth’s climate has changed over time since earth was formed, why are politicians, scientists, and generally really smart people up in arms about global warming and climate change? Money, marketing, and control.

People don’t realize this, but do you know you pay up to three times to recycle. In California, consumers pay five cents per bottle of water, beer, soda, etc. for the California Redemption Value (CRV), which functions as a recycling fee or recycling tax. If you buy a six pack, you pay an additional thirty cents as CRV. In most municipalities, you have to recycle and the garbage company gives you a bin for recycled waste. For a household of 4, it takes time to recycle on an average of at least 1 hours a week. I see this time as an opportunity loss, so if you earn $20/hour you’ve paid that amount with your time. The third form of payment to recycle, is what you pay the garbage company to come pick up your trash and recyclables. Even though you paid the CRV, you spent time to sort the recycles, and you paid to have the recycles picked up, the garbage companies get a bonus because they collect the CRV and sell whatever is they can to whoever is buying.