Collaboration Built Into the Operating System

The next generation of User Interface design needs to be network and location aware. The next evolution of User Interface needs to cross the boundaries of a single personal computer and allow the seamless sharing, syncing, viewing, and collaboration of multiple mobile devices, screens, computers, and other displays. I want to share an image through gestures form one computer to another, from my mobile device to my desktop, from computer monitor to a wall mounted display. Having an iPad, and iPhone, multiple iPod touches, laptops, and desktops I want to be able to create and ad hoc network of all of the displays, monitors, and screens of all these devices. I want to start a document in my laptop, easily share it with my coworker’s on his cubicle and his screen to proof read it, and demo it to my boss on an iPad. We can simulate this in a very haphazard sort of way via email, but I am not talking of manually copying a file around on a network drive to accomplish this, I am talking about being able to leverage other devices screens and CPUs in an effortless fashion.