Sasquatch Prime Directive

Have you ever wonder why we still have not captured a big foot. We have found water in Mars but we’ve yet to find any real proof other than what some gone squatchin’ cable televisions shows report as big foot droppings. Besides grainy film footage, no one has conclusive evidence that a species of big foot, sasquatch, yeti, or large hominid exists. Even without conclusive evidence there is enough sightings and other supporting evidence that Jane Goodall has said that she believes that they exists. During an NPR interview, Jane Goodall said, “you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist.” The sasquatch is an elusive animal… but why is it so elusive? Could it be that it is actually a higher order intelligent being, possibly from outer space, and that it is here to observe the human race? Would it be so far fetch, I mean we are talking about big foot anyways, to believe that sasquatch sightings are actually sightings of extra terrestrials that have come to observe us. Maybe the sasquatch aliens are observing us while obeying some sort of Sasquatch Prime Directive so that they don’t interferer with the development of our species on our planet. This could be the reason why no one has found any remains of a big foot or other yet undiscovered large hominid even though we’ve found remains of 3.2 million year old ancestors. Which reminds me, what do you get someone that is 3.2 years old?