The Token President

By not closing Guantanamo Bay as he promised in the 2008 presidential campaign and by signing the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013, by ordering the death by drone of American citizens, and many other acts President Obama has proved that he has not been the president of change Americans had hoped for. President Obama has not been a better president than President Bush, and in fact President Obama’s administration has followed to the letter many of Bush’s policies. It can safely be said that President Obama has been a disappointment as a president and that he is a token president.

Pompous Potus Maximus

From time to time, President Obama makes archaic executive orders where he starts off as the following…

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and consistent with the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, as amended (5 U.S.C. App.), it is hereby ordered as follows

Just imagine if everyone spoke in this pompous slimeball superfluous legalese sort of way. I imagine President Obama walking around the White House with a speech writer and a teleprompter making such executive decrees whenever he pleases…

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, the Nobel Peace Price, my tribesmen of Kenya, and consistent with the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Fun Fact Act as amended (5 U.S.C. App.), it is hereby ordered as follows… I can has a cheeseburger.

Redefining Marriage, Redefining Obama

Is is widely reported that President Obama is in support of same sex marriage. It is important to note that his campaign started less than a week ago and with that in mind this is how I interpret his “evolving” position…

At a certain point, I’ve just concluded, that for me politically it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married after I get re-elected. – President Obama

Questions Obama Didn’t Answer

Today President Obama held a townhall where questions where submitted via Twitter with the #AskObama hashtag. Obama even submitted his own question to his Twitter question and answer townhall hosted by Jack Dorsey of Twitter. Here are some questions that President Obama would never answer.

  • @FrankQuattrone: #AskObama Do you believe prosecutors who intentionally break the law to convict innocent people should enjoy absolute immunity from lawsuit?
  • @dmscott: #AskObama Tech & knowledge industries are thriving, yet jobs discussion always centers on manufacturing. Why not be realistic about jobs?
  • @TheNewDeal: Would you consider legalizing marijuana to increase revenue and save tax dollars by freeing up crowded prisons, court rooms? #AskObama #p2
  • @Nedd8: #askobama Should you be impeached for violating War Powers Resolution by bombing Libya without congressional mandate within 60 days?
  • @ioerror: Free speech is important for a healthy American economy. Will you agree to stand against all censorship of the internet? #AskObama
  • @ResistTyranny: How many terrorists have been apprehended by #TSA? #AskObama #SecurityTheater
  • @GaltsGirl: Since your law degree is useless, did you ever consider going back for something useful to your profession… like economics? #askObama
  • @kpoulsen: #AskObama How do we know this is really you? Please produce your long-form X.509 Certificate
  • @lolprez: #AskObama Did Anthony Wiener ever DM you?
  • @iowahawkblog: #askobama I let my Mexican drug lord license expire. Am I still eligible for the free machine gun program?
  • @Heritage: You said your stimulus plan would keep unemployment below 8%. Do you agree that was a trillion dollars wasted? #AskObama
  • @whitneypitcher: Did your teleprompter take a cue card holder’s job, just like an ATM taking a teller’s job? #askobama
  • @lheal: Two years into your administration, Gitmo remains open. Are you going to close it soon, and end this blight on our national soul? #askobama
  • @marychastain: #AskObama Are you aware you’re half-white & your white relatives raised you?
  • @jimgeraghty: So, was the ATF “Fast and Furious” program just your way of increasing U.S. exports? #AskObama
  • @bethanyshondark: If Bush was behind everything wrong with America, why is your foreign policy indistinguishable from his? #AskObama
  • @kerpen: Is shutting down a Boeing plant that already employs 1000+ part of your “jobs agenda”? #AskObama
  • @LarrySabato: #askObama If Bush had launched Libyan adventure, wouldn’t Sen.Obama have demanded War Powers Act be obeyed?
  • @FreedomWorks: In January 2009, 7.3% of Americans were unemployed. 9.1% are unemployed today. Where are your stimulus jobs? #askobama
  • @JamilSmith: The “War on Drugs” is 40 years running. What are you and the DOJ doing to address racial discrepancies in prison sentencing? #AskObama
  • @oxfamamerica: What investments would you support in food security and climate resilience to create millions of jobs and fight #hunger? #AskObama
  • @World_Wildlife: What can you do to PERMANENTLY protect “America’s fish basket”, Bristol Bay, from unsafe oil and gas exploration? #AskObama
  • @irolands: Mr. President, you want fries with that? #AskObama
  • @DVCfanatic: #askobama Mr. President, are you destroying the economy on purpose or are you really that ignorant when it comes to how the economy works?
  • @JakeShriar: #AskObama What do you plan to do about the fact that foreclosures are still rising?
  • @bmilleville: Why cant I find a job #askobama
  • @brotherm4n: #AskObama What about Building 7????
  • @JonahNRO: Is it true you’re so vain you think this tweet is about you? #askobama
  • @abuhatem: #AskObama why are we funding the military of South Korea, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan? Why can’t they defend themselves?
  • @PBJaxx: Poker is not a crime. Do you support licensing and regulating online #poker? #askobama

America’s Open Secrets

Most politicians have skeletons in their closets, you almost have to be a successful politicians. Politicians don’t only know where the bodies are buried, they often order them buried. To win elections you need money and money don’t come cheap. Politicians will debate each other on foreign policies, tax increases, education cuts but like the mafia, they don’t snitch on each other. The media is a complicit to this, the media in a sense is the reference, dirty and has money riding on the results and as such it chooses not to question or address certain aspects of a politician’s life. For example, just about everyone close to JFK’s administration knew about his philandering ways but no one mentioned it. That is why I was surprised when the media took up the debate of President Obama’s birth certificate. I mean, there are real issues facing America and the late night local news does not mention these, but they sure did spend a lot of time alluding to the birthplace of President Obama. This made me think, what other open secrets is the media keeping? What other issues are the media choosing to neglect for soft piece on the royal wedding?


  • The Chinese are actively hacking and infiltrating American networks.
  • Chinese intelligence has infiltrated many top companies and research facilities.
  • China has a spy ring much larger than the uncovered Russian spy ring of 2010.
  • China has acquired most of our stealth and next generation military technology.
  • Berkley is a hot bed of intelligence recruiting.
  • No American in their right mind goes hiking along the North Korean or Iranian border.


  • Obama was raised Muslim.
  • Janet Napolitano is gay.
  • Joe Biden is either the only honest guy in Washington or an idiot.
  • Timothy Geithner didn’t pay his taxes for years.
  • The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund has only given the Haitian a fraction of the money it collected.


  • Everyone in the intelligence community knew Osama was in Pakistan for years.
  • President Obama step outside the the law and international treaties to assassinate Osama.
  • Osama was assassinated, this was a mafia style shot in the head murder.
  • Osama was killed only because he no longer useful for to the government.

Election 2012

  • President Obama is American’s first black token president.
  • Norman Freeman, playing a black president in Deep Impact, did as much to get Obama elected as he did for himself as a US senator.
  • President Obama will win the 2012 elections.
  • President Obama will raise nearly a billion dollars in donations, a large portion of which are untraceable ‘internet donations.’
  • Republicans know they can’t win.

The Presidential Birther Debate

I’ve read, seen, and talked with people from all races that are enraged that President Obama released the long form of his birth certificate. Some people have passionately equated birthers, those that believe that President Obama was not a natural born citizen of the United states, to racists. The reason why some people in the left associate birthers as racists is they claim that no other president, which happen to be white, had to prove themselves as patriots and Americans. People are very sensitive about race and any criticism of the president is seen as presidential racism.

All president’s have had to prove themselves. For example similar questions have been asked before with white presidents and candidates. For one, it is well known that John McCain was born in Panama, in US control territory. During the 2008 campaign, there was a lot of debate and discussion in the media about whether John McCain was American because he was born outside of the United States. In 2004, John Kerry was questioned about his patriotism and military service due to the swift boat incident and the purple heart he earned and later discarded. During his presidency, George W. Bush’s air nation guard record and college transcripts were made public to general criticism. And lets not forget that JFK’s American-ness and allegiance was questioned because he was an Irish Catholic.

There is no question in my mind and in the media that President Obama will win his re-election in 2012. This is one of the reasons why to date no republican has declared themselves as a candidate. President Obama has already begun fund raising and if 2008 is any indication he will raise close to a billion dollars towards his campaign. President Obama will raise more money than any other candidate and it is his campaign to lose. From this perspective, there is no reason for him to disclose his long form birth certificate. Do not under estimate the President, this is a political and calculated move. You have to remember that the weeks leading up to the President releasing the long form birth certificate, the far left leaning media was talking about the President Obama’s birth certificate twice as much as any far right candidate. This is political theater at its best.

As President Obama stated, this is a “sideshow and carnival of barkers” in which the President himself is the ringmaster. This debate is a political tactic to divide and conquer the will of the American people. While both sides of this political circus bark and bicker in unison about non-issues, Americans are dealing with difficult situations every day, such as a weak dollar, prolong recession, three wars, falling home prices, high unemployment, failing infrastructure, rising health care costs, illegal torture, poor performing school, $5 gas prices at the pump, and institutionalized corruption from Wall Street to the Federal Reserve.

It is the nature of democracy to question your public officials. Each president will have his own set of circumstances that dictate the questioning. But don’t underestimate the media’s involvement in planting the seed in peoples minds in the form of surveys and polls and interviews of random people in the street. There are a lot of issues that don’t get any air time and everything you see in your nightly network news is crafted and edited to implant an idea in your mind.

Each president and candidate has had to answer his critics, it’s the nature of the job. I for one will encourage the President release more information, that he be as transparent as possible. For example, I’ve enjoyed looking at the official released IRS documents for the last two presidents and vice presidents. I found it interesting how Joe Biden makes no income outside of his Vice President salary. It is not racism to demand more transparency from our government, its elected officials, and all of its agencies. I wish we all demanded more of our government and that we all read the laws and bills that they enact.

All My Wikileaks

There is a saying that states that politics is show business for ugly people. Politicians and bureaucrats are like minor actors in a bad television soap, this has been made transparent with the latest leaks of US embassy cables released by Wikileaks. As you can imagine, the embassy cables have a lot of dirt on third word politicians, despots, and strong men.

The embassy cable leaks describe how China has been caught hacking into Google and other companies. How Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi have a bromance and secret deals going. The US spies on the UN. Saudi Arabia wants to attack Iran via a proxy like the United States or Israel. Hamed Karzai is a motivated by paranoia and cold hard cash. Iran has used the Red Crescent as cover for its agents.

Here is some synopsis of the coverage of the latest wikileaks.

Corporate Leaders Make Bad Political Leaders

The failed gubernatorial attempt by Meg Whitman and the failed senate attempt by Carly Fiorina made me question if corporate leaders would make good political leaders. I think that a political needs to develop different skills than those required by a C-level executive. Can you imagine if the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, was a state governor? As CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt has stated in the past that if web users want online privacy they should change their name. If he thinks that privacy is not a right, imagine what other rights he would want to googlefy. Google’s mission is to make all human knowledge accessible, searchable, and monetizable online as long as it’s not their executives personal information. Your personal information is fair game to be index by their web crawlers and large data centers but Google has a double standard when it comes to their information. For example, try googling for Google Customer Service. Back in 2005, a CNET was blacklisted when one of its reporters posted Google founders private information online. So, I would correct Eric Schmidt, if you want privacy online and you are an Google executive just censor news outlet, otherwise change your name.

Now imagine, for a second, if Mark Zuckerborg of Facebook was president. If Mark Zuckerberg was president, he would nationalize Facebook and make it the de facto National ID system. He would place Naked Body Scanners not only at airports but at malls and movie theaters. TSA agents and other government officials would be able to force check you into locations, to tag you in police lineups, to force you into associations and groups without your permission. When it is a matter of security, you need to learn SASE, if you are wondering ‘what is secure access service edge?’ just click here. As President, Mark Zuckerberg would balance the budget by sharing private customer data with corporations and other agencies.

The candidate I can see myself behind would be a Jobs Ive 2012 ticket. Steve Jobs would redesign the White House to look like a steel and glass iPod nano with a single body aspect to it. He would force all senators to sign NDAs before they vote on any bill. He would simply ban all journalist that write any bad press on his foreign policy as he has to those that written negatively about his products. Steve Jobs’ Press Secretary would be David Pogue.

After seeing Meg Whitman campaign go down in flames I realized that most corporate leaders can’t connect with the every day people they manage. Just think about it, they live on corporate expense accounts and you struggle to keep a budget, they fly on private corporate jets and you practically get strip searched by the TSA, they have a second home and you mostly likely would have a second job (if you can find one).

Retweet August 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in August 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Got Gov?

  • We need to win the hearts and minds of our prison population!
  • NAFTA’s greatest success has been the drug trade.
  • On this Labor Day weekend, let’s save the saved and created jobs!
  • A government back-door to encrypted communications is an oxymoron? It defeats the purpose of having it encrypted!


  • Politicians need to understand that saying all the right words does not give your platform meaning or purpose.
  • Why cant a politician answer a simple yes or no question with a simple yes or no?
  • Everybody knows the expression, mo money mo problems. In politics its, mo elections mo special interests.
  • Saying that women is a better politician because they are less likely to be corrupt or lead us to war is both ignorant and sexiest.
  • Money may not buy you love, but it sure can buy plenty of elections!
  • If only we can offshore and outsource politicians!
  • Vote for Pedro!


  • Capitalism is a pyramid scheme.
  • Mo money mo taxes!
  • Money is blinding!


  • There is no such thing as a conspiracy theorist, there are simply conspiracy scientists, much like how climatologist think of themselves.
  • The revolution will not be televised, it will be fought in your television!
  • A campaign promise is an oxymoron, much like military intelligence.
  • Peace in our time just ran out of time.


  • If you expect a flight to be delayed, is it really delayed or on schedule?
  • If half the time I am half asleep, how sleepy am I right now?
  • What does it mean when your boss sends you a job application to the circus? Does it mean he’s willing to be a reference?
  • If you can’t admit your failure, how will you recognize your successes?
  • What is the speed of time?
  • If you are not doing your thing, whose thing are you doing?
  • Do raisins ever go bad?
  • Why is it that the drink menu is always larger than the food menu?


  • Listening to some jammy jams in my pajamin pjs.
  • Will be waking up at 5AM tomorrow. SMH FML OMG FUK ARG LOL
  • No ketchup for my nom om om omelet. Epic FML 2.0!
  • Watching Cops. Piece of advice to perps, if you got baggy pants don’t run from the cops, looks like you in a potato sack race.
  • Eating some chipotle humus… I know it sounds like a terror organization but this stuff is the bomb.
  • I <3 California rolls. I wonder, if Texas has sushi rolls how would they taste? I bet they have BBQ tuna and deep fried wasabi.
  • Which is the greatest show bra of all time? Madonna’s cone bra, Lady Gaga’s fireworks bra, or Katy Perry’s whip cream bra?
  • I make the choices that bend decisions.
  • Everything that is remembered, will be forgotten.
  • From the perspective of the tuna, it doesn’t care if it’s dolphin safe.
  • It’s after 7PM and still over 100 degrees!!!
  • Rumors have been known to travel at the speed of sound.
  • Complaining does not mean cooperating.
  • Chocolate rain is a great example of a purple cow.

In Da Future

  • In the future, government jobs will be outsource and off-shored.
  • In the future, if you ask for your fourth amendment rights, you’ll be considered guilty.
  • In the future, to vote you have to adhere to a End User License Agreement.
  • In the future, a happy meal will come with a End User License Agreement.
  • In the future, we will be asking, which came first the egg or the vaccine?
  • In the future, you will be able to make a police statement by Twitter, but I would not want the police to follow me on Twitter.

Retweet June 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in May 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • Prof Prez Obama’s answer to the meaning of life and everything else is to form a sub-committee to find out whose ass to kick.
  • The reason President Obama has not kick any ass with the oil, car, and banking industry is because he can find the ass to kick.
  • President Obama is not really the ass kicking kind of president, he is more the ass thinking.
  • Have you notice that presidential candidates always promise change, but never promise to just make shit better for people.

Got Gov?

  • Just like criminals cannot profit from their crimes, so too politicians should be made not to profit from theirs.
  • Here is a revenue generating idea, tax up to 80% of all income made by current and former elected politicians.
  • Pot Holes: Your tax dollars at making your vehicle not work!
  • Local governments don’t like to pay for cops unless it’s with overtime.
  • Cops are corrupt the world over, the difference is what it takes to corrupt them, a $20 bribe or a few hours over time.
  • Don’t do drugs, don’t fund CIA black ops.


  • Al Gore says, “I did not have sexual relations with that women.”
  • General McChrystal must have been on McMeth when he agreed to do the Rolling Stones interview.
  • You know you are in the wrong side of every aisle when you have to apologize for your apology.
  • I think vuvuzelas should be allowed and be part of the political discussions, debates, and town hall meetings.
  • Vuvuzela for president 2012!!!
  • Free Weev!!!


  • Some Americans remember the Alamo but many of those that do don’t remember why they should have remember it in the first place.
  • There is no freedom just propagandom.
  • Fear is a virus of the mind!
  • Control the supply, and you control the demand and the price you can charge.

War Racket

  • Congratulations Afghanistan, for being the longest American war!!!
  • Art is my favorite weapon.
  • War will lead us to energy independence!!!


  • If your life can be condensed to one photo would be a still life study or an out of focus action shot?
  • Why would you need a tool to open this toolset I just bought?
  • If Steve Jobs would reinvent the wheel what would it be like?
  • If he built a better mouse trap would the mice become Apple fanboys?
  • If it’s not fun, is it worth it?
  • Who needs a StairMaster when you have a kid and a set of stairs?
  • What kind of characters hang out at the corner of East Sesame Street and MLK Blvd? Crackhead Monster? Beto y Kike? El Memo? Big Pimp?


  • Zombies replicate by infection, the Borg by assimilation, can you imagine a zombie-Borg hybrid? A zomborg? Brains are futile.
  • This Aquafina water bottle claims to be made with 50% less plastic. How does that make it an eco-bottle?
  • In no country, culture, time, or parallel universe does nagging make things better.
  • I love digitally, um either turned on or turned off.
  • Just because you don’t see eye to eye with someone does mean you can go toe to toe with them.
  • You know how meterologists name hurricanes after people’s name, they should be named after fictional characters…
  • If hurricane would be names after fictional characters you know Hurricane Anakin would grow into one mean mofo of a storm.
  • Being honest isn’t a fault.
  • The new anti-Semitic is the anti-Semexican.
  • Forget snakes in a plane, I got ants in my car!
  • This TV diner is a rerun.
  • I don’t no the meaning of the word know.
  • Trafffuuuck!!!
  • From preschool to postdoc, school is universally for fools.
  • To me an expresso machine is like a time machine.
  • You are no better than those whom you’ve deem the worst.


  • OH: Awww, that gansta cute.
  • OH: It’s business not celebrityness.
  • OH: Who touched my iPad, there’s a smudge on the screen.
  • OH: We are getting it done. It will be done. So it’s done.


  • In the US, corporations are always right.
  • The BP Oil Spill is so large that it is thinking of running for president 2012 as a Republican. Campaign platform will be: Drill Baby Spill
  • Just like the brain is the biggest sex organ the biggest oil company is JP Morgan.
  • When life gives you an oil spill you make off like a bandit.
  • Al Qeada are a bunch of incompetents, BP, Golden Sachs, Monsanto can do more harm in one day than a bunch shoes and whitey tighties.
  • Oil executives think they are as slick as the oil they spill.
  • The BP oil spill is as large as the state of Vermont. The BP oil spill is so large, it should be it’s own state, Oilzona.

World Cup

  • World Cup: it’s not about how well you play, it’s how well the referees can see.
  • World Cup: The outcome of the World Cup is determined way in advance of the opening ceremony.
  • World Cup: FIFA fo dumb!
  • World Cup: each game should three score, one for goals each team has made and another for the number of bad calls made by the refs.
  • World Cup: it’s not about how many goals you score, it’s about how many goals the refs will qualify.
  • The World Cup has as much integrity as Chicago politics.


  • In the future, robots will go to your local polling place and vote electronically for you and then an algorithm will declare the winner.
  • In the future, you can pick up FDA grade heroin at the condiment aisle at your local super market.
  • The future has let me down in terms of jet pack technology and space travel.
  • The future tastes like plastic.