Between a Difficult Time and Tough Choice

In an interview with Joe Rogan (the Joe Rogan Experience #221), Shane Smith said that the Pashtuns of Pakistan have a saying that translates to the following: There is a tiger above me and a river below me. I’ve heard a Spanish version of this saying which I translate as: Between the wall and the sword. And of course, in the United States we have a similar saying that describes the same sentiment: Between a rock and a hard place.

The above sayings are examples that no matter the language or metaphor people are much more a like that we like to think.

Activists’ Action Plan

The Atlantic has a great post on a 26-page pamphlet that they have deemed an Activists’ Action Plan for the political protests in Egypt. The pamphlet has tips and advice for protesters demanding reform in their country. The pamphlet includes diagrams and tactics for dealing with the riot police and security forces.

One page includes advice on necessary clothing and accessories, such as a leather jacket or sweatshirt with a hood, garbage can lid or pot lid to use a shield, protected glasses, scarf to cover mouth, spray paint, gloves, and comfortable shoes.

Necessary Clothing and Accessories

Necessary Clothing and Accessories

Another page describes how to deal with riot police vehicles, such as those with water cannons use to disperse crowds. One tip is to use spray paint to paint over the windshields of police vehicles and surveillance cameras.

How to Use the Accessories

How to Use the Accessories

The Atlantic did not post the whole pamphlet, just a few translated page.

Four by Four

Four thoughts on four subjects.

  • Four Types of Statistics: Those from statisticians, those from politician, those from pundits, and those from advertisers.
  • Four Types of Managers: Some appreciate end results, others time/effort, a few reward problem solving, and those that value consultants.
  • Four Types of People: Those that stop to smell the flowers, those that miss them outright, those that cut them, and those that pay for them.
  • Four Types of Gifts: Those you want, those you may need, those you can’t use, and those that will cost you.