The Meaning of Olympic Rings

The symbol of the Olympic Games is the Olympic rings. The Olympic rings is composed of five interlocking rings. Each ring is colored a different color and it symbolizes a different part of the world. The rings was originally designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games. In 1912, de Coubertin described the design of the Olympic rings as such…

The emblem chosen to illustrate and represent the world Congress of 1914…: five intertwined rings in different colours – blue, yellow, black, green, and red – are placed on the white field of the paper. These five rings represent the five parts of the world which now are won over to Olympism and willing to accept healthy competition. Blue stands for Europe, black for Africa, Red for America, Yellow for Asia and, green for Oceania.

Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings

Buzz March 2010: iPad Madness

Forget March Madness, all the buzz was about the Apple iPad. If you are using Google Buzz, be sure to follow me I’ll follow back. Here are some recent buzz posts from a variety of topics.

  • Throughout my day I listen to a lot of music and podcasts, right now I enjoying Tiesto’s Club Life podcast. I have like 10 hour long episodes and I have been blasting them non-stop for over a week. What are you listening to?
  • Which is the better deal, two stocks of Apple or one Apple iPad?
  • What is the must have app for the Android/Nexus One?
  • An overly optimistic and an overly pessimistic persons walk into a bar after doing a half ass job and they get half a pitcher of beer, who blinks first?
  • America’s Most Wanted is like American Idol for criminals. For both shows America has to call in, everyone has a record, and everyone gets 15 minutes of fame.
  • I don’t know how people do it, but I keep seeing Google ads in peoples’ buzz post. Very spamy.
  • Coworker: Coming late. I had expected long support call with Apple computer to fix the problem. Boss: Get a PC!
  • I been getting weird friend requests on Facebook from what seems like spam robots. I don’t have a lot of friends of Facebook so I accept.
  • You know you need a vacation when your Monday feels like a Friday. I think we should get a national holiday this time of year to do our taxes. If taking large percent of our income was not enough, we have to waste most of a weekend tracking down receipts.
  • Google’s realtime search results are freaky fast. If you publish a new blog post, jump over to Google and search for your brand new post, it is already been indexed, cached, and showing up on Google’s results. How do they do that?
  • If your body is an instrument, what part of your body needs some fine tuning?
  • Is it just me or are most of the winter Olympic sports just derivative/descended of the same thing event? They all involve going down the mountain in a ski, board, sled, toboggan alone or with up to four other people as fast as possible and then maybe a jump or some tricks in mid-air. Can anyone tell me the difference between the skeleton and the luge other than one is going face first/down the the other is on your back?

Winter Olympic Sports

Is it just me or are most of the winter Olympic sports just derivative/descended of the same thing event? They all involve going down the mountain in a ski, board, sled, toboggan alone or with up to four other people as fast as possible and then maybe a jump or some tricks in mid-air. Can anyone tell me the difference between the skeleton and the luge other than one is going face first/down the the other is on your back? I know that all these sports involve snow, snow is not the point but that brings up my second point… I can’t wait until next winter Olympics when they introduce snow shoveling, ice fishing, or synchronize snowshoeing as new events. I’m holding out for 2018 when they add reindeer games.

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Olympic opening ceremony is a tradition and an opportunity for the host country to show revel itself to the world. China spared no expense with the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. China went as far as to impose restriction on traffic, change the weather with cloud seeding, and brought an army, literally, of performers. In contrast, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics where a more tone down event plagued with technical difficulties.

It has to be said that the death of the Georgian luge rider Nodar Kumaritashvili could have been prevent. Nodar died during a practice run, the video of his death has been shared, tweeted, and commented online. There has been a large amount of luge crashes where luger sustained concussions and memory loss. I am no luge expert, loogie yes, luge no but I know that for many athletes just attending the Olympics and walking in the Parade of Nations is a highlight of their Olympic careers.

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics started with a count down. Then a snow border slides down the stadium and jumps through the Olympic rings to welcome everybody to the winter games. The Royal Mounted Police brought out a large Canadian flag. As the mounties settle in place, there was a procession of First Nations. The ceremony started out with four distinct Canadian first nations welcoming and greeting the audience to the Olympic games in their indigenous language. The four host first nations stood near four large ice totems. The number four is prevalent in the symbolism of the opening ceremony. The procession of indigenous nations included the Inuit, the first nations of the prairies, the first nations of the east. It felt like an Olympic Pow Wow as the members of the First Nations were dressed in full regalia and danced.

After the Parade of the First Nations, the Parade of the Nations begins. One red carpet aspect of the Parade of the Nations that I enjoy is seeing the different custom from each different delegation. The delegation from Azerbaijan had snow pants that looked liked someone threw up on a Hawaiian shirts. The Cayman Islands represented with one athlete. The whole of China with a population of 1.3 Billion has a contingent of 90 athletes. The Czech Republic brought 92 athletes with a population of a little over 10 million, they also won the gold medal with the worst outfit, beating Azerbaijan. Finland had what looked as a winter wonderland camouflage maze on their jacket. French were the most stylish, a white parka jacket with the team colors on the side. The Georgian wore black armband in memory of their fallen team mate Nodar Kumaritashvili who died crash his sled in a test run. India with 1.1 billion people only had 3 athletes and they were warring brown fez looking hats. The outfits of the Italian team were black Fascist looking coats with beige turtle necks underneath, I didn’t know if they were the Italian Olympic delegation of the secret police. The USA represented with 216 athletes strong wearing Ralph Lauren’s Polo parkas with beanies. The beanies had little motifs of mouses and small American flags.

After the Parade of the Nations, the opening ceremony was more poetic than spectacular. A single Native American wearing nothing but white clothes enters the arena. More First Nations people emerge in what seems like snow, like nomads in a storm in the Northwestern territories of Canada. Then the aurora borealis appeared, projected on a canvases that dropped from the ceiling. Then a giant polar bear, made of ice and lights, like a constellation emerges from the ground. Then the four totem poles become tree trunks and the aurora borealis become the branches of trees. At this point, modern Europeans dance contemporary dance as Sarah McLaughlin sings.

I thought the ceremony was over but then a blue and white canoe descended from the ceiling with a fiddler on the canoe casting a show on a image of a full moon. A fiddler in the canoe challenges his shadow casted on the moon to play the violin. Maple leaves litter the floor as violin players and dancer dance a la river dance. In the next scene, slopes emerge from the floor, three ring of skaters go endlessly around the what seems like representations of mountains. Skiers, snow boarders, and other athletes surf down the slope of the mountain that emerged from the center of the arena. Then out of the center of the mountain, a Canadian emerges and recites slam poetry… At the end of the ode to Canadian identity, torch bearers gather in the shape of a maple leaf… Oh, Please. Oh, Canada.

The 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremony can’t officially begin without boring speeches by the head of the International Olympic Committee. After some speeches and then more speeches the games officially begin. Four famous Canadian athletes emerge as torch bearer gather around the arena, with Wayne Gretzky being the last one. After a minute pause, three pillars emerge from the floor. Four should have emerged but due to technical difficulties only three emerged. The pillars move and join to form an ice crystal structure. The torch bearers light the cauldron and it lights up into a torch of fire and ice.