Occupy Idiocracy

Early in the movement I was sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street protesters. I heart felt the sentiments of the 99% and raised my voice against what seemed like excess police force against protesters. But that sentiment has turned because I came to the conclusion that the Occupy Wall Street movement are puppets to the same system they are protesting. These puppet protesters have more bureaucracy on building consensus that I believe they will be in effect as a long term movement to bring about real change. Stated another way, there is no Che Guevara, no Mao Zedong, and definitely no Nelson Mandela amongst the ranks of the propaganda protesters that make up the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Occupy Wall Street has been co-opted and cowed to believe that their consensus, hand gestures, and mic-check will changed anything. Mahatma Gandhi protested with his body, he and his followers be were beaten and yet they overcame with non violence. No one will overcome anything with mic-check. The whole idea of mic-check is oxymoronic. The reason why the occupiers came up this stupid concept was because the police did not allow them to have bullhorns. LOL. Why don’t the Occupy Wall Street protesters protest for their right to protest with a megaphone or bullhorn?

I still believe that we need real change, but unfortunately I feel the Occupy Wall Street movement has been co-opted to be ineffective to bring about that change.

Brown Shirt, Black Shirt, White Shirt

White shirt, brown shirt, black shirt, I can’t tell the difference. A NYPD white shirt punches a female protester in the face. She goes down for the count a la Rodney King, and of course she gets arrested.

It’s not entirely clear what lead the NYPD to push the civilian as the clip is a bit jerky. From what I can tell, the police where herding the crowd, the police might have pushed the female and she turned to him and might have deflected him initial push at which point she got clocked.

A separate video taken on the same day, shows a police officer in a scooter run over lawyer from the National Lawyer’s Guilde that was present as a legal observer. Again, the video is a little shaky but you can see you do see the police officer in the scooter hit the accelerator, what is also clear is that the police officer parks the scooter right on top of the right ankle of the man he ran over. The police officer puts pressure down on the leg of the man and sits on it for a little bit and eventually gets up with his baton in hand and pushes people clear of the scene leaving the man on the floor at a short distance. The man screams in agony for a few seconds when kicks the scooter off his leg at which point four officers jump on him to make the arrest, assaulting a police officer no doubt.

It’s only a matter of time until the police starts cracking heads.