Retweet December 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in December 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Got Gov?

  • Bailouts, tax cuts, and deficits.
  • You don’t need a wikileak to know that the coordinated attack on wikileaks is by a covert government agency.
  • Do you think there is an office pool in some CIA break room to see when Julian Assagne will be neutralized?
  • The US has a policy to not negotiate with terrorists, but it is also known to fund and train them.
  • Since US forces can’t find Osama in Afghanistan, the TSA is searching in American travelers’ underpants.
  • We are enslaved in the name of freedom.
  • It’s not a free country, it’s a credit country.
  • Lady Liberty is a crack whore for oil.
  • I don’t want something that needs to be approved by a regulatory body in my body.
  • Constitutional monarchies are largely ceremonial, so is the constitution.
  • Some people in the current administration want to replace freedom with feardom.
  • for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FEARDOM!


  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Read The Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Act of 2010.
  • Whenever someone says that they are backed by “irrefutable facts” they are making it up.
  • Whenever someone says that they have the smoking gun, ask for the smoking gunman.
  • There is a three party system in American, the Republicans, the Democrats, and Annonymous.
  • No one respects your political views, not even those you vote for.
  • One dollar, one vote.
  • We the sheeple.
  • Once elected, they ain’t effective.
  • Hope don’t float.
  • If they outright lie while campaigning what don’t you think they lie about once elected?


  • Designed by Apple in California. Manufactured by Foxxcon in China.
  • More money more bills.
  • Some kids play baseball, other kids make the baseballs for $2/day.
  • Saying a corporation is too big to fail is like saying you are too big to eat.
  • The capitalism trumps innovation.
  • Martin Luther King JR’s estate charges academic authors $50 for each sentence of the “I Have a Dream” speech that they reprint.
  • “Sensory trademarks” include a duck quacking (AFLAC), a lion roaring (MGM), yodelling (Yahoo!), giggling (Pillsbury).
  • 91 pending trademarks bear Donald Trump’s name, including “Donald J. Trump the Fragrance” and “Trump’s Golden Lager.”
  • Micro lenders only leads to micro loan sharks.


  • NPR: National Propaganda Radio @NPR
  • Nationalism needs an enemy.
  • If you are listening to this you are the resistance.
  • Noticed that http://OFA.BO/ resolves to @BarackObama’s campaign website. BO is the TLD for Bolivia. What happened, wasn’t free?
  • Are news networks embedded in the military or the military embedded in the news network?
  • Censorship is only bad when it’s done by another country, it’s good for the homeland when it’s done by your country.
  • Suspicious Activities Report is the new world order witch hunt.
  • There is a lot of chedder in the intel for terror arrests in xmas by interstate corporate sponsored eggtremists.
  • Notice how ‘terror arrests’ sounds a lot like ‘terrorists.’
  • What ever happened to all that talk about Global Warming? It’s so cold that all of NY and parts of hell have frozen over.
  • There are conspiracy theorists, and there are conspiracy engineers.


  • Is the Internet half empty or half full?
  • Inception is a movie about implanting an idea someone’s mind through their dreams, what idea was implanted while watching the movie?
  • Is good the enemy of great?
  • If the Swiss army knife has all those blades, how does the Swiss army thank look like?
  • Whatever happened to Brownie the brown nose reindeer?
  • Which is better, a Star Wars or Lord of the Ring movie marathon?
  • What is your soundtrack to 2010?
  • When everyone thinks differently at the same time, is it really that different?
  • If you could invent a new holiday what would it be?
  • Which is worst a flake or a fake?
  • Why so serious?
  • What is your favorite Christmas movie?
  • Can you fake authenticity?
  • Is it racist to have a white sale on black Friday?


  • The world is the world’s greatest theme park, go out for a ride.
  • It’s been raining for a week now that everything is soaking wet. I think I need to go to work in a wet suit.
  • There is a reason why the term committed is both used to describe a long term relationship and your state in a insane asylum.
  • People will always have an opinion even when they don’t have a thought.
  • Life is not like a box of chocolate, it’s more like a can of worms.
  • Natural endorphin is a natural gateway drug.
  • My experience and background is broad and multi-trans-dimensional.
  • I’m the CEO of my blog.
  • People make me laugh. people + lol = peoplol.
  • Shift happens.
  • I have a mind altering migraine in the membrane.
  • Embarrass always ends with an ASS.
  • Let a thousand tweets retweet.
  • They see me tweetin, they hatin.
  • The future was here.
  • Three Little Words: I don’t care!
  • Let my people dance!
  • Novelty is not long lasting.
  • Having an out of body OMG moment.
  • I CAN HAZ ZZZZZzzzzz….
  • Space is so random.
  • I love how my hair is styled when I wake up.
  • Sex is the new love.
  • Love is not the cure, it is the disease.
  • There is no ease in dying from a disease.
  • Effort > Excuses
  • Happily ever now!
  • Happily ever after is a lie.
  • Love is straight.


  • OH: A little hazard pay never hurt anybody.
  • OH: my fingers are getting in the way of my typing.
  • OH: That’s a hype thing to do.
  • OH: xmas wrapping paper is so expensive, that is your xmas present.
  • OH: You are so messy you are a mess.
  • OH: All I did was open it and it turned on by itself.


  • Million Dollar Idea: Fortune cookies with ads and coupons instead of pseudo eastern philosophy.
  • Million Dollar Idea: ads on the side of metal detectors, such as stores, airports, etc.
  • Million dollar idea: caffeinated stem cells’ juice.
  • Million dollar idea of the day: BBQ tofu!
  • Million Dollar Idea: Bacon Juice
  • I can’t wait until e-ink can be used in clothes. Can you imagine your t-shirt design changing based on emotional state?
  • I’mma paint the curve in front my house red. I don’t know why my neighbors always parking their jalopy in front my house.

In Da Future

  • In the future, cartoons will deemed pornographic because cartoon character don’t have pants and are often naked.
  • In the future, the FBI will tap your Facebook wall, Foursquare check-ins, Twitter status updates, and Yelp reviews without a search warrant.
  • In the future, a realist will be called a cynic.
  • In the future, all electronic devices will have a secret root user and root kit pre-installed.

Free Million Dollar Business Ideas

I just don’t have the free time to execute on every million dollar idea I have, so I am giving them away for free, royalty free, as in free beer and freedom some of my million dollar business ideas! With the right entrepreneurship attitude, you can take this idea to profitability.

Product Placement in Books – Advertisers invented soap operas just to advertise soap. Baseball cards started off as a marketing gimmick for cigarettes. Now, ads are as pervasive as the air we breath and it pays for a lot of the content we normally consider as free. But people don’t like to sit and watch ads, or billboards, or commercials so advertisers have developed product placement ads in movies, video games, and hip-hop music. One media that has not been monetized is the book industry. Imagine, classic with product placement from companies contemporary to the time the book was written. Pride and Prejudice with a supplement chapter or two dedicated to the products and services of the British East India Company! In this fashion, your company can be immortalized in literature. There is a business opportunity for the right marketer to embed ads to your products of services in fiction. For example, imagine the next Danielle Steel romance book being sponsored with embedded as by K-Y Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant that are part of the storyline.

Be a Pioneer – You might be asking yourself, how can I be a pioneer if the West has been won? By pioneer I don’t mean for you to settle in out West in some homestead, I mean be a social media pioneer. About this for a case study, Tila Tequila was one of the earliest pioneer on MySpace. As an early user of MySpace, Miss Tequila was able monopolize her network into a platform to launch a career. Okay, I know what you are saying, “Tila Tequila has a career.” Twitter has provided a number of examples where early Twitter adopter that leveraged the power of friendship and follower have done well for themselves. Zappos, the online retail store, has made it public that it has a Twitter course for new employees. To be clear, be a pioneer and leader in any new and up coming social media community. The truth, is that you can’t predict which and when a new social medium will gain traction or momentum but the cost to entry is usually small. And, as an early adopter, you will get online creed for reaching out to your customer base in new forms and fashion! Just think of it this way, you can’t be first in your industry to have a web page, but you might be the first to have a Twitter account! Monopolize your lead in new social forums to your competitive advantage.

Universal Order Number – A Universal Order Number is printed of your receipt at a restaurant, which I can go online to check for example a drive through order and to make a specific complaint, such as they forgot an order of fries. This can be be used as a market and customer service feature where you can get promotional material based on your recent purchase or where you can complain about missing items. This can also be used to generate customer service reports, as part of surveys for new product trials, provide health tips about the food purchased. Of course you can group orders and see the life time of your purchases. This service would not be complete without the ability to automatically complain or praise of the service via integration with Facebook and/or Twitter.

Gender Specific Foreign Language Books – When a women goes to a foreign country they need a phrase book specific for their needs. A foreign language phrase book for women would help with translations such as: What size is it? Does it come in black? Do you have size 10?

Rating Service Bureau – One of the best business idea I have seen, next to credit card companies, are rating service companies. For example, there are companies that rate bonds, and other investments vehicles. That are service companies that rate individuals credit history. In theory, you can rate anything. You can rate different cell phone plans, quality of different bottled water companies, or rate travel packages. Rating companies such as Standard and Poor’s and Energy Star have become de facto rating services for their industries that they have become a focal point in the economic recovery and green initiative, respectively.

Insurance – Insurance are great business ideas. Insurance is like a tax, you can always come up with a new one. You can create new insurance policies, such as child support insurance to cover the probability of your baby’s daddy being a dead beat. You can create a new insurance policy for the probability that they will lose their health insurance. You can insure anything, it is like Vegas except you pay people not for winning but for a bad event happening to them.

1-800 Directory – They say those who can’t do, teach. Well, those that can’t create content, aggregate. You can be a aggregator for a particular service, such as 1-800-flowers or 1-800-dentists. Imagine, 1-800-Plumbers or 1-800-strippers.

National Day – Make a national awareness day for something. Like National Hispanic Month, National Secretary Day, or National Payroll Week. Celebrate that day, bring awareness to a cause, and sell souvenirs, gift cards, and promotional material. Don’t forget to trademark the idea, terms, and images behind it.

Namespace Land Rush – One great idea is to build into any service a limited namespace. For example, only one entity can own the domain name Only one application can post an application on the Apple App Store for a given name. Only one user can have the Twitter @holla account. In addition to a namespace, develop the market place with the ability to buytradesell on this virtual limited resource.