Regulated Republic

We like to think that we live in a democracy and that we have freedoms and liberties that few other nations enjoy. This idea is American propaganda and mythology in the making. The United States of America is not a federal constitutional republic, its a federal regulated republic. The United States is full of regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EPA, SEC, and FAA amongst others. There are government buildings full of agencies and government regulators that want to regulate our fundamental freedoms. I’m all for regulating large industries and known polluters. No one wants to board a plane that has missed scheduled maintenance, or consume food full of chemicals and other known toxins, and of course no one wants their kids to play with toys laden with lead. That said, regulatory agencies have begun to encroach on a persons freedom to eat whatever they want. New York has moved to ban large sugary soft drinks and transfat from area restaurants. California has moved to make the sale and consumption of Foie Gras. The is the level of idiocracy in California, to make food illegal while at the same time making control substances like marijuana legal. This is the beginning of our shared regulated future.

Occupy Idiocracy

Early in the movement I was sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street protesters. I heart felt the sentiments of the 99% and raised my voice against what seemed like excess police force against protesters. But that sentiment has turned because I came to the conclusion that the Occupy Wall Street movement are puppets to the same system they are protesting. These puppet protesters have more bureaucracy on building consensus that I believe they will be in effect as a long term movement to bring about real change. Stated another way, there is no Che Guevara, no Mao Zedong, and definitely no Nelson Mandela amongst the ranks of the propaganda protesters that make up the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Occupy Wall Street has been co-opted and cowed to believe that their consensus, hand gestures, and mic-check will changed anything. Mahatma Gandhi protested with his body, he and his followers be were beaten and yet they overcame with non violence. No one will overcome anything with mic-check. The whole idea of mic-check is oxymoronic. The reason why the occupiers came up this stupid concept was because the police did not allow them to have bullhorns. LOL. Why don’t the Occupy Wall Street protesters protest for their right to protest with a megaphone or bullhorn?

I still believe that we need real change, but unfortunately I feel the Occupy Wall Street movement has been co-opted to be ineffective to bring about that change.