Arizona SB 1070 is Hate Law

There are laws against hate speech, there are laws against hate, but can a piece of legislature be considered hateful. I think Arizona Senate Bill 1070 is a hate law, not a law against hate but a law that promotes racial profiling, racism, and discrimination. I consider Arizona Senate Bill 1070 as xenophobic hate speech.

Here are recent tweets addressed to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in response of Senate Bill 1070.

  • @GovBrewer SB 1070 is a law against humanity.
  • @GovBrewer how would you have greeted the Mayflower immigrants, a group of disease ridden English Separatists? With State Troopers?
  • @GovBrewer Jews, illegal immigrants, they all make good fodder for escape goats.
  • @GovBrewer Think of signing these laws next: and
  • @GovBrewer SB 1070 is not a catchy name, how about Neo Nuremberg Laws or Nurembrewer Laws?
  • @GovBrewer after signing SB 1070, you enact a law similar to the 1933 German Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service.
  • @GovBrewer after signing SB 1070, I think next you enact a law to force Freed Negroes to register to stop black on black crime.
  • @GovBrewer after signing SB 1070 which gives authorities right to check citizenship, why not form your own country altogether.