America’s Open Secrets

Most politicians have skeletons in their closets, you almost have to be a successful politicians. Politicians don’t only know where the bodies are buried, they often order them buried. To win elections you need money and money don’t come cheap. Politicians will debate each other on foreign policies, tax increases, education cuts but like the mafia, they don’t snitch on each other. The media is a complicit to this, the media in a sense is the reference, dirty and has money riding on the results and as such it chooses not to question or address certain aspects of a politician’s life. For example, just about everyone close to JFK’s administration knew about his philandering ways but no one mentioned it. That is why I was surprised when the media took up the debate of President Obama’s birth certificate. I mean, there are real issues facing America and the late night local news does not mention these, but they sure did spend a lot of time alluding to the birthplace of President Obama. This made me think, what other open secrets is the media keeping? What other issues are the media choosing to neglect for soft piece on the royal wedding?


  • The Chinese are actively hacking and infiltrating American networks.
  • Chinese intelligence has infiltrated many top companies and research facilities.
  • China has a spy ring much larger than the uncovered Russian spy ring of 2010.
  • China has acquired most of our stealth and next generation military technology.
  • Berkley is a hot bed of intelligence recruiting.
  • No American in their right mind goes hiking along the North Korean or Iranian border.


  • Obama was raised Muslim.
  • Janet Napolitano is gay.
  • Joe Biden is either the only honest guy in Washington or an idiot.
  • Timothy Geithner didn’t pay his taxes for years.
  • The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund has only given the Haitian a fraction of the money it collected.


  • Everyone in the intelligence community knew Osama was in Pakistan for years.
  • President Obama step outside the the law and international treaties to assassinate Osama.
  • Osama was assassinated, this was a mafia style shot in the head murder.
  • Osama was killed only because he no longer useful for to the government.

Election 2012

  • President Obama is American’s first black token president.
  • Norman Freeman, playing a black president in Deep Impact, did as much to get Obama elected as he did for himself as a US senator.
  • President Obama will win the 2012 elections.
  • President Obama will raise nearly a billion dollars in donations, a large portion of which are untraceable ‘internet donations.’
  • Republicans know they can’t win.

Retweet January 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in January 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • Obama can’t claim transparency if key questions are off limits.
  • I think the Apple iPad announcement got more press than Obama’s State of the Union.

Got Gov?

  • In the future we will vote by texting the candidate of our choice to 90GOV.
  • Which is the most secretive, the CIA or the FED?
  • Large corporations such as Google have a foreign policy, they should openly hire a VP of State.
  • Some cities have more traffic cameras than they do stop sings.
  • The US government will install Wyclef Jean as dictator of Haiti.
  • Haiti Donations: Tiger Woods $3 (Million), Gisele $1.5, Sandra Bullock $1, Brangelina $1, and the whole of China $1 and lead laden toys and toxic toothpaste
  • Your government does not want you to think since most government officials don’t.


  • A bridge tolls are a racket.
  • If you build it, they will tax it.
  • Greed precedes the downfall of civilizations.
  • The fast, easy, simple way to make money: get a job.


  • Haiti is the new New Orleans.
  • Power to the politicians, bailout to the bankers!
  • I am going to write a new childrens book: The ABCs of the CIA
  • National security is a false religion.


  • If Governor Schwarzenegger’s tenure was a movie what genre would it be, horror, sci-fi, thriller, or gore flick?
  • If Jesus was born today would he be a carpenter? Chef? Programmer? I know a guy named Jesus and he is a gardener who sends money to Mexico.
  • Which is worse, terrorist or TSA thugs?
  • Does national security trump civil rights, constitutional law, and international treaties?
  • What would you pay for freedom? Can you put it on lay away?
  • What do you call an optimal optimist? Optimist Prime?
  • A pessimist is someone that sees the glass half empty, what do you call someone that sees it 3/4 empty?
  • Are you a paper chaser or a paper pusher?
  • Why is it that fast food is the slowest to digest?
  • Are you proactive or reactive?
  • Are you dependent, independent, or interdependent of others?


  • Power to the Party People.
  • It’s been raining for four days and four nights, that’s like 10% of a perfect storm of biblical proportion.
  • Not sure if I should take my car or jet ski to work today. Part of the freeway have flooded after two days of rain.
  • Just how stores have a line for 15 items or less, they should have another line when you have 15 coupons or more.
  • If ignorance is bliss, then stupidity must be enlightenment.
  • The truth should fear no question and no question should fear any answer.
  • Life experiences can not be made more efficient, otherwise you mis the point.
  • In the future everyone will have 15 minutes of fame, and every company will have their own branded smart phone device.
  • Your happiness should not depend on other people’s decisions.
  • Love is not a strategy.
  • Show love, not hurt!!
  • Love is a fame monster.
  • Dreams for sale. Like new. Never achieved.
  • I nominate “I’m bluffing with my muffin” as the motto/tagline for 2009.
  • I am waking unofficial autobiography for self.


  • There should be Freedom of Information Act for corporations. I want to know everything that Google knows about me and how that info is used