Email Someone A Lot, You Maybe A Computer Hacker

Here is another court ruling that demonstrates that many in the legal profession do not understand simple everyday technology. There is a case recently ruled by the Sixth Circuit appeals court where a labor union asked all its member to email a company. The company in question in turn sued the labor union and the court has ruled that the labor union can be sued under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) for hacking. So emailing someone multiple times can be considered hacking! I am just dumbfounded!

This is the most absurd complaint ever. Emails are especially easy to filter based on email address, subject, body, ip addresses, keywords, and other criteria. You can block email addresses out right as spam, or filter emails to different folders, and going through a few hundred emails about the same topic is fairly easy to do. The offline equivalent to emails is postal mail. This is just the same as receiving coupons and circulars in the mail. I usually never read the ads, circulars, and other unsolicited mail that I receive in a typical day. So I quickly scan and put them in the recycling bin. I’m not going to sue Little Caesar’s because the keep sending me coupons in the mail.