Google Glass Porn

Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, was seen in the New York subway system wearing a prototype of the Google Glass. Google Glass is a wearable computer in the shape of a pair of glasses with a small built-in camera and microphone. As I write this, Google Glass is not yet available to consumers but Google employees and and a few select external influencers, celebrities, and other trend setters have had access to Google Glass devices.

So… by now, you have to believe that someone has already recorded some Google Glass porn. With the research and development that Google put into Google Glass, I think Google just invented a new category of porn.

Sergey Brin Wearing Google Glass Device

Someone at Google has already made the first ever Google Glass pron.

Samsung Warned It Copied Apple’s Design

There has been some analysis on court documents from the ongoing Apple v. Samsung lawsuit that has been revealing in how Samsung operates. It has been revealed that Google, the maker of the Android Operating System, informed Samsung that the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 android tablets looked “too similar” to Apple’s iPad tablet. Court documents reveal that Google demand a “distinguishable design.” A Samsung sponsored study also found that Samsung’s physical design and even software icons where too similar to the iPhone’s and that Samsung required to innovate further.

The Use of Stingray Devices by Law Enforcement Agencies

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal had an article describing how the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are using electronic and cellphone monitoring and tracking devices known as stingray. As described in the article, the Stingray device functions as a mobile cellphone tower and can trick near by cellphones from connect with it. When a cellphone connects with it, the signal strength can be an indicator of how close the cellphone is and in this fashion you can collect enough information to triangulate the suspects location. This technology will work even if you are not using your cellphone an law enforcement has used it in situations where they don’t have a search warrant.

If the use this device without a search warrant alone was not problematic enough, the government does not disclose the information about it’s use or the data gathered by using the device even on the subsequent trial for the suspect whom they tracked with such device. From the article…

The Federal Bureau of Investigation considers the devices to be so critical that it has a policy of deleting the data gathered in their use, mainly to keep suspects in the dark about their capabilities, an FBI official told The Wall Street Journal in response to inquiries.

There is a big glaring error in the above sentence, the FBI delete the data gathered in the use of stingray devices to keep the general public in the dark, not the suspects. Because stingray devices mimic cell towers, hundreds and thousands of cell phones will connect with it that are nearby. To catch one suspect, law enforcement is using sweeping powers and technology that log and track a whole wide range of people. If you use a stingray device in New York City, you are gathering data from thousands of cell phones not just the suspect.

Another big problem with this technology is that it can monitor voice and data transmissions. Since stingray devices mimic a cell tower it can intercept voice and data transmissions. To this point the article quoted a law enforcement officer from the sheriff’s department in Maricopa County, Ariz. describing that they “can’t listen in on communications.” This means that the sheriff’s department there doesn’t have the latest model. If you can mimic a tower you can definitely intercept, capture, and log all data the flows through the fake honey pot cell tower.

Another point not mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article about the use of stingray devices is that they are not necessary. Law enforcement agencies can get the location of a cell phone by going to the cell phone carriers. Telecommunication companies like Comcast, AT&T, and even Google have portals where law agencies can request information on their systems on a suspect.

So if law enforcement agencies can get the location of a suspect without the use of stingrays, why are police departments stocking up on these devices? So if law enforcement can track the location of a suspect by having a warrant and going to the cell phone carriers, they prefer the use of stingray devices because they don’t require a warrant, they can delete the data they gather afterwards, they can cast wider nets, and because it’s a cool gadget!

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Sting Ray II

Sting Ray II

Small Business Internet Phone Service

A good phone number is still one of the principal methods of doing business. Most small business still list the phone number in yellow pages or other small business listing service. A phone number allows your customers to reach you about your store hours, store locations, and available services. A good domain name, Twitter account, and Facebook page are important but a business phone number is essential.

There are a lot of online services like that can help you manage your phone line and number for your small business. At this point I would not use a fixed land line, but a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service to provide all my telephony needs. The primary phone number I give personal friends and contacts to reach me is provided by Google Voice. For my small home business, I use Skype phone service. And there are other telephony services that can be useful for small business owners.

What I like about Google Voice is that your GVoice phone number can be forwarded to any other phone, or multiple phones. You customers call you at your GVoice phone number and Google forwards the call to your cell phone, store phone number, or any other number until someone answers it or it goes to voice mail. If the call goes to voice mail Google will transcribe the message and email you the text transcription.

I also use Skype and have a Skype Call-out account which provides me a phone number where my customers can reach me at from a cell phone or landline. In addition, Skype also has some great chat messaging, video conference, screen sharing, and collaboration option that make it an integral solution for my small business communication needs.

Yahoo! has the Yahoo! Voice phone service that fits somewhere between Google Voice and Skype. All of these services by the resellers can be managed and used to call out and receive calls on your smart phone. The iPhone and Android app for Google Voice allows you to call out and receive calls. In the US, the iPhone app for Skype only allows you to call out when you are on a WiFi internet access.

The one feature I really wish either Google Voice, Skype, or Yahoo! Voice had was the ability to send and receive faxes. Fax support is a popular and commonly request feature in Google Voice that I think that Google will build support for it but there are other online telephony services that already include this feature.

Ring Central is a paid mobile business phone system that includes internet fax services. You don’t need a fax machine in your office to send and receive fax documents. Ring Central also provides a 1 800 toll free number. In addition to Ring Central, I would consider Grasshopper. Grasshopper is a virtual phone system designed for businesses and entrepreneurs. Grasshopper has toll free numbers, unlimited extension, call forwarding, voicemails transcriptions, and other feature suitable for small to mid-sized companies.

Slave Technology

As a people, we are becoming more reliant and dependent on technology, such as smart phones, laptops, web services, printers, etc. But this technology that we depend on can be used to turn against us. Government agencies and organized groups, such as the MPAA and RIAA, routinely use vulnerabilities, back doors, rootkits, identifying attributes, and other information in our technology to track, monitor, retaliate, and incriminate you.

Examples of slave technology include all of Google’s products. Google’s search engine tracks individuals via unique identifying IDs in cookies and singed-on sessions and saves all searches associated with those IDs. Even if you are not signed into Google’s other products like GMail, your online searches conducted on Google search are stored and associated with a unique identifier associated with your computer. You can try to delete your browser’s cookies, but if they wanted to they could use your IP address to track you.

In layman’s terms, the IP address of your computer is much like your home address. It uniquely identifies your computer in the internet. Your ISP, such as Comcast or AT&T, provided you with an IP address automatically when you connect to the internet. Every time you visit a website, your IP address is typically logged along with the pages you viewed. The IP address is the typical way to identify individuals based on blog comments, Facebook accounts, or emails messages that most users think are anonymous. Simply put there is no such time as being anonymous in the internet. You are being watched. Some groups, most notably the government, want to introduce a Internet ID or true identity for your online usage. If such a ID program would come to passed, you can quickly imagine the associated fees, taxes, renewal process, and the fact that your access could be revoked for some bureaucratic reason.

The government is not the only one tracking you, in fact advertisers have the most to gain from your online usage. Have you ever noticed how some online ads seem to know your location? I’ve noticed this more from Groupon ads where they post ads on random deals in my home town. How does Groupon know my hometown if I am not a member? I’ve never even been to their site so how do they know my location. Groupon and other advertisers use techniques involving your IP address and cookies to try to track what sites you’ve visited, what search terms you were recently looking for, and other identifying information.

In addition to an IP address, if you are using an iPhone you can also be transmitting the phone’s UDID. Th iPhone UDID is a unique identifier that app developers have access that uniquely identifies one iPhone from the millions of others.

You might not have suspected this, but even your printer is designed to turn you in. It is widely known that some models of printers print hard to see patterns of yellow dots in documents. These patterns can then be used to to match printed documented to a specific printer.

There is a lot more than just technology, but information you provide or is collected from or about you by mobile and personal devices and website operators is used. For example, in California police officers don’t need a search warrant to go through the contents of your cell phone or other devices that were confiscated at the time of your arrest. So if they find incriminating information about you, even about a case different from the one you were originally detained or arrested for, this can be used against you. Another example is how Facebook gives access to third-party developers and advertisers of personal information, such as email and phone numbers of it’s users. So now, Facebook advertisers can target you with their ads inside and outside of Facebook, in your email inbox, etc.

All My Wikileaks

There is a saying that states that politics is show business for ugly people. Politicians and bureaucrats are like minor actors in a bad television soap, this has been made transparent with the latest leaks of US embassy cables released by Wikileaks. As you can imagine, the embassy cables have a lot of dirt on third word politicians, despots, and strong men.

The embassy cable leaks describe how China has been caught hacking into Google and other companies. How Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi have a bromance and secret deals going. The US spies on the UN. Saudi Arabia wants to attack Iran via a proxy like the United States or Israel. Hamed Karzai is a motivated by paranoia and cold hard cash. Iran has used the Red Crescent as cover for its agents.

Here is some synopsis of the coverage of the latest wikileaks.

Corporate Leaders Make Bad Political Leaders

The failed gubernatorial attempt by Meg Whitman and the failed senate attempt by Carly Fiorina made me question if corporate leaders would make good political leaders. I think that a political needs to develop different skills than those required by a C-level executive. Can you imagine if the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, was a state governor? As CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt has stated in the past that if web users want online privacy they should change their name. If he thinks that privacy is not a right, imagine what other rights he would want to googlefy. Google’s mission is to make all human knowledge accessible, searchable, and monetizable online as long as it’s not their executives personal information. Your personal information is fair game to be index by their web crawlers and large data centers but Google has a double standard when it comes to their information. For example, try googling for Google Customer Service. Back in 2005, a CNET was blacklisted when one of its reporters posted Google founders private information online. So, I would correct Eric Schmidt, if you want privacy online and you are an Google executive just censor news outlet, otherwise change your name.

Now imagine, for a second, if Mark Zuckerborg of Facebook was president. If Mark Zuckerberg was president, he would nationalize Facebook and make it the de facto National ID system. He would place Naked Body Scanners not only at airports but at malls and movie theaters. TSA agents and other government officials would be able to force check you into locations, to tag you in police lineups, to force you into associations and groups without your permission. When it is a matter of security, you need to learn SASE, if you are wondering ‘what is secure access service edge?’ just click here. As President, Mark Zuckerberg would balance the budget by sharing private customer data with corporations and other agencies.

The candidate I can see myself behind would be a Jobs Ive 2012 ticket. Steve Jobs would redesign the White House to look like a steel and glass iPod nano with a single body aspect to it. He would force all senators to sign NDAs before they vote on any bill. He would simply ban all journalist that write any bad press on his foreign policy as he has to those that written negatively about his products. Steve Jobs’ Press Secretary would be David Pogue.

After seeing Meg Whitman campaign go down in flames I realized that most corporate leaders can’t connect with the every day people they manage. Just think about it, they live on corporate expense accounts and you struggle to keep a budget, they fly on private corporate jets and you practically get strip searched by the TSA, they have a second home and you mostly likely would have a second job (if you can find one).

Retweet March 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in March 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • After a year in office, it seems that Obama’s idea of green jobs is to have no jobs.
  • Obama pays surprise visit to Afghanistan, yet he hasn’t been to California in a long while.
  • Obama: Change is political term for more of the same, but worse.
  • Obama: Read my lips, no new hope.

Got Gov?

  • I, for one, welcome our new death panel overlords.
  • We have a separation between church and state, I want a separation between sports and state.
  • How did we get from “no taxation without representation” to “taxation without exception.”
  • If they put fluoride in water, nuclear waste under mountains, and pollutants in the air what would they not put in flu vaccines?
  • China is censoring the details behind Google’s decision to move out of China due to China’s censorship.
  • Failing to obey an order from a security guard will be considered as an assault!
  • If your ex is spying on you on Facebook so is your government.
  • In a police state everyone is a suspect if not an inmate.
  • Do we really need a vice president? Why not just get a presidential double?


  • How dare the state and federal government ask for a donation into the California Fund or Presidential Election Campaign Fund?
  • The women’s movement demanded equal pay for equal work. The investment banker’s movement demands equal ROI for unequal risk.
  • The television rights of state executions can bring in millions of revenue to cash strapped states.
  • If cash is king, then debt is bondage and credit is cards are chains.
  • Retire young, rich, and fabulous not old, broke, and ordinary.
  • Hedge funds are modern day alchemy.
  • The American dream is made in communist China.
  • Hollywood Video is renaming itself to Bankruptcy Video.


  • Did dinosaurs also taste like chicken?
  • Is Lady Gaga the new Madonna?
  • When Ke$ha goes broke how will she spell her name?
  • Are you a pusher or a pleaser?
  • What is the cost of easy money?
  • Do we need black boxes in cars?
  • Is China broke?
  • Is NASA controlled by the greys?
  • Is your job holding you back?
  • Is the Prius the new Pinto?
  • Are hotel key cards the new baseball card?
  • Is there such a thing as tofu salmon?
  • Is PHP 6 the new Perl 6?
  • Is a great hack art or science?
  • Which is worse, a hater or a debtor?
  • Is there a sub-atomic unit of time that cannot be divided into smaller time elements?
  • If your body is an instrument, what part of your body needs some fine tuning?
  • What is your body language saying about you?
  • What color are your feelings?
  • Are you a revolutionary or a rebel?
  • Is what you like how you are like?


  • 95% of statistics confuse 82% of the population.
  • Two 50%s don’t add up to one 100%.
  • Headache in the membrane.
  • Time is not digital, it is a fractal.
  • Misfortune Cookie: What you are doing now is probably illegal, in bed.
  • I bet prehistoric animals would have been delicious, like a T-Rex t-bone steak.
  • Uncle Sam: The Puppet Master
  • Hate grows with compound interest.
  • Killing the Buddha in the name of! And now you do what they told you! And now you do what they told you!
  • I would like the my unauthorized autobiography to be named either Same Difference, It Wasn’t Me, or Who Dat Up In Herre?
  • Don’t trust the 800 pound gorilla as far as you can trow it especially if it is riding the elephant in the room.
  • People’s perception of others is often wrong, worse yet is our perception of other people’s perception of us.
  • Create a purple cow, make your competitors into a donkeys, and milk the golden goose out of everything it is worth.
  • Even a tough cookie softens up with a little milk.
  • A flower’s petal is nature version of a solar panel.
  • Math is the sum of all my fears.
  • Ignorance is always refreshening.
  • Engaged should be the new married.
  • Stuck between space and time.
  • Sometimes cheap is better than free.
  • In the future everything will buzz, tweet, or beep.
  • Control freaks usually want to control what they can’t do.
  • People pleasers don’t please themselves.
  • What you don’t know won’t hurt you unless you think the worst if everyone all the time.
  • There is no better time for happiness than now.
  • Allegedly Tiger Woods likes green jackets and golden showers
  • Tiger Woods and Jesse James should be on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew.


  • OH: Homelessness, such a turnoff.
  • OH: Your high horse is a pink pony, get off it. It makes you look stupid.
  • OH: You are going to choke on my positive energy.
  • OH: Did you cancel your mind?
  • OH: What is the point of caffeine free coke? Do I have to put coffee or crack into my coke?


  • On certain countries in the middle east, women’s equal rights movements means they can also be suicide bombers.
  • I’ve heard of the Tea Party Movement, now the Coffee Party Movement, I’m waiting to start the Beer Party after my buzz goes down.


  • You are not a robot, you are just programmed to think like one.
  • The news are re-enactments.

War Racket

  • There is a cold war between China and Google.
  • To prolong war is to a crime against humanity.
  • The problem with having a large standing army is that someone will eventually want to deploy it.


  • If China doesn’t care about basic human rights, why do companies think it cares about their copyrights?
  • Google deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for leaving China and giving up that market to Microsoft/Yahoo would collaborate with the gestapo.

Google’s Realtime Search or Mind Reading

Google’s realtime search results are freaky fast. If you publish a new blog post, jump over to Google and search for your brand new blog post article, it would already have been indexed, cached, and showing up on Google’s results. How does Google do that? I think that in the future, Google will index our brains so that when you lose your keys, you can type “Where are my keys?” in the search box and the top result will be where you left your keys last. But on a serious note, I think Google has developed a Skynet, an artificial intelligent system based on the queries people search for. Currently, the Google Skynet project is stuck answering, HOW IS BABBY FORMEd?

Social Media Top Links February 2010: Google Buzz Privacy Debacle

Here are the top links, articles, and news regarding social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz. The big news this month was the announcement and initial release of Google Buzz. Google Buzz generated a lot of buzz with users, mostly because of it’s thoughtless disregard for user’s privacy.



Google Buzz