The Federal Government Under the Obama Administration

There will never be a saint or prophet elected to the office of the President of the United States. Every president and his administration has had their fair share of secrets and scandals. But that said, I’ve never seen so many scandals surrounding one term of one president. Under the Obama Administration the following has occurred.

  • The highest levels of the Department of Justice allow guns to cross into Mexico.
  • The military uses drone strikes to execute American citizens without due process.
  • The General Services Administration spends nearly $1 million dollars for a retreat in Las Vegas.
  • The Secret Service and the State Department are implicated in a hooker scandal in Colombian and Brazil.

You have to believe that all of the above are not an isolated cases and that it is just the tip of a political iceberg.

American Censorship

You will be hard press to find someone in the United States that won’t list the freedom of speech as a fundamental enjoyed by Americans. Unfortunately, in the United States we don’t enjoy the benefits of true freedom of speech. Speech is regulated and restricted in a variety of ways, there is a large and growing things that you can say, or at best shouldn’t say online. But aside from secret federal laws, there is another prevalent form of American censorship that often takes the form of public boycotts.

A good example of modern day American censorship is the case of Miami Marlins coach Ozzie Guillen who was suspended five games for something he said in an interview. He didn’t say any words out of spite or anger or malice, he simply stated his opinion. Unfortunately for Mr. Guillen, his opinion went against that of most people in Miami. In an interview with Time magazine, Guillen is reported as saying that he respects Fidel Castro for staying in power throughout the years in spite of those that want him deposed.

Only in America do you have a dichotomy of having the freedom of speech and yet not being able to say things like the N-word. And now, you can’t use the F-word, J-word, R-word, S-word, and a whole lot of words. You can’t say anything nice about Fidel Castro, or Adolf Hitler. Even saying that Castro has a cool beard and Hitler had a nice mustache will get you a wide range of backlash, especially if you are a public figure.

I know that someone is already taking what I saying out of context, so let me be clear. I am not saying that I like Castro’s beard or policy and by no means am I saying anything nice about Hitler or Stalin or Mao. I am just saying that it is sad that in a country that spent so much in fighting against the oppression that these dictators and tyrants represented we ourselves suppress and censor people for having ideas different than the norm. Worse than Fidel, more horrendous that Hitler, more atrocious than Stalin is group think.

You Are Being Occupied

Protesters are not occupying Wall Street, at best they are occupying a public park several blocks away from Wall Street. The protesters themselves are occupied, they are sounded by agent provocateurs, enforcement officers from several dozens of local, state, and federal agencies, they’ve been infiltrated by plain clothes police and operatives, they are arrested at the whims of police, beat women down and arrest them for resisting arrest, run over legal observers, they are entrapped by the hundreds into walking in the middle of a bridge only to be arrested by walking on the bridge. The Occupy Wall Street protesters are not occupying anything, they themselves are occupied.

Is The Federal Government Too Big To Fail?

The first few presidents of the United States left the left the presidency in debt. It used to be that the responsibility of paying for the house hold help in the White House used to be the responsibility of the sitting president. It used to be that every party hosted by the a sitting president was paid by the personal finances of the president. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison left the presidency poorer than when they where elected. Over the course of American history that has changed, today a president is expected to be much more wealthier than when he came into the presidency. For example, the Clinton Foundation manages over $200 million dollars.

Aside from the personal finances of the an former president. While in office, a sitting office makes use or a large amount of money for his house hold expenses at the White House. Aside from his security detail, the President employees a large staff that tends to his personal needs. There is an official White House chef and full kitchen staff and wait service, there is a personal doctors, there is vast amount of personal assistants. It is a state secret how much money is spent for the personal expense of the President but some have estimated that the White House spends as much as $1 billion dollars for the upkeep of the president and his family.

I can’t say if the federal government is too big to fail, but a current job post at the White House was recently filled that made me question the size and use of federal monies. President Obama just appointed a White House Social Secretary, a job that comes with a six figure salary and full federal health care and benefits, and maybe even a book deal at the end of it.

Holidays From the Future

You may be familiar with US federal holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, etc. In the near future the federal government will add new days to the calendar to commemorate future memorable events.

  • Happy Valuable Human Resource Appreciation Day – Every company has a Human Resource department and a new holiday will commemorate people for what they are, a corporate human resource. Valuable Human Resource Appreciation Day is celebrated by updating the information in your embedded RFID chip.
  • Interdependence Day – Interdependence Day is the first international holiday and the first step in the process to normalize holidays across the world. Interdependence Day is meant to replace regional and national independence holidays wit a day to celebrate the interconnections and relationships between different peoples. This holiday is observed by calling Customer Support in India and sending Chinese made cards to Chinese factory workers.
  • Carbon Free Day – Carbon Free Days are modeled after the Spare the Air program with the exception that they are mandatory. On this day, which is not fixed to a specific calendar day but designated by the regional air quality district authorities, Class C civilians can not use carbon polluting equipment and engines such as non-electric vehicles, lawn mowers, and wood burning fire places.