Social Media Etiquette

As of yet, there is no association, board, or certification process to be accredited as a Social Media Expert. I guess if you have 100 followers and you have tweeted 10,000 tweets you are an expert. As an accredited expert, I have five rules of Social Media etiquette.

  • Share Your Passion – Passion is infectious, share your passion, spread it to others, and it might just go viral. Your followers don’t want to follow an ad robot, but someone that is passionate at what they do.
  • Add Value – It is not the quantity of tweets, but the quality that will attract followers. In a similar note, it is not the size of your followers, but how you work your network that ads most value.
  • Pace Yourself – No one wants to follow someone that clogs their activity stream with tweet diarrhea.
  • Promote those that promote you – Don’t retweet only tweets that mention you, but use retweeting to promote, connect, and extend your followers reach.
  • Invest in your followers – Pay dividends to your followers by given them exclusive access to you, your content, or your product.