Evolution of Undergarments

Underwear is like the appendix of garments, it’s almost a vestigial article of clothing. Today with our modern technology of in-home plumbing and heating and air conditioning, we can shower as much as we like, wash our clothes at any hour of the day, and stay nice and warm no matter the temperature outside. These factors had lead to the evolution of the underwear from granny panties big ass flag size waist high underwear to g-strings. The underwear has evolved to become an optional accessory, a bracelet for you butt.

Laundry Cycle

The more clothes you have, the more clothes pileup. ┬áThe more clothes you have pileup, the less you want to do laundry. ┬áThis is a never ending cycle. The less laundry you do, the less clean clothes you have and the larger the pile of dirty clothes. The larger the pile of dirty clothes, the less you want to do the laundry. Eventually you find yourself with no clean clothes and instead of working through the dirty pile and washing your clothes, you buy more clothes. The more clothes you buy, the more clothes you have to pile up in the laundry room, the less you want to do the laundry, the more you buy more clothes. It’s endless cycle that feeds upon itself, a snow ball effect of dirty clothes.