The G-Word

From the beginning of the time, the word gay has always meant merry, happy, lively. To say someone had gay spirits meant that they have a merry spirit about them, not that they had homosexual ghosts in their apartment. Throughout the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, songs that meant to lift a persons spirit often used the word gay to describe a merry old time. Up until recent more recent time, maybe in 80’s, the word was hijacked by the homosexual community to be mean what we know the word to mean, gay. So moving into the 90’s calling someone was calling them homosexual, and this word was used by the homosexual community to describe themselves as gay. But somewhere along this time, the word gay was hijacked once again. Because the use of the word was so gay, it started to be used as a pejorative fashion. For example, a straight person would say that something was gay to mean that it was bad, or suckie, or gay. Another interesting point, is that gay women opted to self identify using the word lesbian, not gay. Gay males were the only ones that still self identify as gay to describe their sexual orientation. So now we live in a world where the word gay is colloquially used in two different forms, in one for homosexual males to self identify, and by everyone else to describe something that sucks! But because the Political Correctness Police (PCP) want to abolish any word that can be deemed hurtful the word gay is the gay version of the N-word. And of course, this is happening at a time when every millennial of every color is self identifying by the use of the N-word.