Scobleizing Question Tweets

On this month’s issue of Fast Company, Robert Scoble’s business article was a stream, or better yet, a dribble of blabbering twitter messages. And the Scobleizer bunny gets paid for this. Since twitter does not archieve and make available all your tweets I thought I do a scoble and blog my tweets for posterity. In this post I repost some questions first posed on twitter.

  • Which came first, the chicken or the chicken nugget?
  • What was the best thing before sliced bread?
  • Which is better, to jump the shark or to jump the fail whale?
  • Is marketing art, science, or illusion?
  • Is RAM the new disk? Is R&B the new disco?
  • Why is the perfect storm most often a shit storm?
  • Is the hiring process like speed dating?
  • Are you a player, playa, or playr?
  • Are you down with HTTP? Yeah, you know me!
  • Do chickens get breast implants? Cause this chicken tastes fake.

I frequently tweet and update my social status. If you like to follow m or befriend me, feel free to hit me up on twitter,, Pownce, and/or FriendFeed.

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A Vision of Students

It seems soo 1999 to go to a class and learn off a black board. Even though classrooms have computers, the chalk is the most used technology in schools.

Here is an innovative collaborate video survey of 200 students at Kansas Sate University.

Here is some basic stats, from the students point of view, about college.

  • My average class size is 115
  • 18% of my teachers know my name
  • I complete 49% of the readings assigned to me
  • I will read 8 books this year

You can read more at Mediated Cultures.

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Simple Marketting Rules to Making Money

Here are some simple marketing rules that I found on the back of a direct mail marketing company.

A sales pitch must contain one or more of the following key emotions such as fear, greed, guilt, anger, exclusivity, salvation and flattery.

Your copy must contain on of the following 13 power words you, save, money, save, easy, new, guarantee, love, free, discover, results, safety, proven, and health.

Don’t use ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’.

Never try to sell two things at once.

The only purpose of marketing is to make sales!


Is YouTube about exhibitionists stripping and teasing? Is YouTube exploiting those that take strip in front of a camera and upload the video to share with friends and total strangers alike? To try to answer these questions and explore them further here are some clips with the original descriptions.

Theres no music cuz its 6:30am and my fam was asleep but I LOOK HOT

Me doing a lil striptease on my bed, to “Stefy – Hey Schoolboy”

me dancin and striping.

i am yawning,having a big orgasm

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Get Dick Cheney Laid

There is a new and shiny web 2.0 service called Get Them Laid that is trying to get Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States, some hard and fast loving. The only thing is I can’t tell if the site is a gay site (the web site’s logo seems like two dudes having sex). Either way, gay or straight, help out Dick get some. According to his bio on the site, the last time he got any was…

A very long time – his heart is not so good.

The Vice President also needs help getting any because…

Dick can’t get laid because his black heart is about to fail and because no one beings in existence find him attractive

I would say that the creep veep can’t get any because he is lurks behind a bush and President Bush beats around his own bush.

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Ultimate Urban Ninja

First off, let me state that you should not try the following tricks at home, your friends home, or anyone’s home. But if you do, film it so we can all see how you ended up in the hospital. The people in the videos are trained professionals and in my laymen opinion clinical nuts. To get start here is a video of an urban ninja while at the mall, jumping and leaping from root tops to stair cases to just about any platform in front of him.

I guess this is how these urban ninjas train at the gym.

One of the first urban ninja videos out there was of the Dvinsk Clan from the Russian motherland. The video is of a skinny Russian kid doing some crazy acrobatics on some abandoned old school Soviet era building, it looks like the Soviet ghetto.

But now there are British and French urban ninjas. These high kicking death defying leaping ninjas seem to employee moves from karate and kung-fu to gymnastics and break dancing. This genre of craziness is also known as urban tricking, free running, or Parkour.

In the following video the Team Ryouko Yamakazi tricks off an UPS truck, bus stops, and just about anything else they can find in Toronto.

If you want to see more crazy break dancing, gymnastic, karate expeditions, capoeiristas, and plain old urban ninjas check out The Worlds Best Tricks Volume 2 and Volume 3.

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What is Web 2.0?

Are you unsure what Web 2.0 means? Does Web 2.0 mean blogs, or wikis, or social networks, or flicker, or myspace, or just some site with fancy JavaScript effects? Here is a great video that explains Web 2.0 in a 5 minutes. The Machine is Us/ing Us.

The video above is a video response to another more documentary-minded video on Web 2.0. Here is the more verbose definition and history of Web 2.0.

Of course, this blog post with embedded YouTube video is very Web 2.0, don’t you know!

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Where My WASPs At

This is how New England Gastas roll… They Tea Partay. P-Unit, Prep-Unit that is, put out this video on how they keep it real as they say, “We keepz keepz it real, by real we mean rich!”

along the same line as the video above, you might want to check out Lazy Sunday, another hard core WASP rap video. From Lazy Sunday I like the where they say, “It’s all about the Hamilton’s baby…”

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Truthiness. Noun. Word of the Year 2006 according to Merriam-Webster. Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report defines truthiness as the “truth that comes from the gut, not books.”

The other top ten words of 2006 reference the failed war in Iraq and include Decider at number three, as when President Bush said ‘I’m the decider.’ War and Terrorism come in at number four and six respectively. While Sectarian and Quagmire come in at eight and nine.

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White Guys Can Dance

For those that think that white folks can’t dance check the Evolution of Dance by comedian Judson Laipply, a white guy. In a six minute clip Judson dances up a storm starting off immitating classic Elvis moves, followed by Chubby Checker’s twist, and all the way through to Jay-Z’s Dirt off your shoulder. Judson also covers 70’s disco, 80’s rock, 90’s band boys, and today’s hip-hop dance moves.

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