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Online education is a big and growing industry. The web has democratized commerce, entertainment, and news but education has historically lagged behind. There are a few e-learning sources that I use for personal learning. Here are some great learning initiatives worth taking a look into.

Who Does Mark Zuckerberg Follow on Google Buzz

It took me about a day an half to get on Google Buzz after it was announced. The first thing I noticed was that I was already following a half dozen accounts and worst off that some people where following who I had only emailed but a few times. Google Buzz’s first failure was that it auto-followed certain contacts in your address book based on some ‘algorithm.’ The second mistake in Google Buzz was that it pushes you to make your profile public, even an experienced social media maven can inadvertently make their profile page public. A third oversight in Google Buzz is that your profile name is your email address. The fourth mistake is you can see, by default, the people that other people are followings and their followers. There are many more mistakes and hiccups, like blocking not working correctly, and these have been covered many times over. The problems I have listed here have a perfect privacy shit storm. The Eric Schmidt, CEO of “do no evil” Google, has defended Buzz and their lack of privacy awareness as a end user confusion. So maybe this is the perfect Schmidt storm as I don’t think he is using Google Buzz.

It was reported that the Google boss said the following:

I would say that we did not understand how to communicate Google Buzz and its privacy. There was a lot of confusion when it came out… [last] Tuesday, and people thought that somehow we were publishing their email addresses and private information, which was not true.

Eric Schmidt is either a liar or a dummy, pick any two! With the issues outlined above, it is possible to find out peoples email address, and worst, find out people close to however you are virtually stalking, I mean friending. Let’s take a public example, let’s see if we can find Mark Zuckerberg’s close contacts and email address using Google Buzz.

First you will need to log into your GMail account and click into the Buzz inbox. If this is your first time, you will probably already have a few followers. Under the text area to enter your buzz, you will see a link that reads ‘Find people.’ There is a search box where you can find more people to follow. In this box, enter Mark Zuckerberg. Mark of Facebook fame should be one of the first few people that comes up. Originally I was going to do this experiment with Eric Schmidt but I had a tougher time finding his profile. You can follow Mark or view his public profile. Mark is probably busy playing Farm Ville or working on new Twitter features to copy so he probably has not configured the privacy settings of his Google Buzz account.

It might also be worth while to question if this is the real Mark Zuckerberg, we can not be sure, but if you see the people that are following this profile you will see that very connected Silicon Valley technologists are following this person.

Mark Zuckerberg's Google Buzz contacts

Mark Zuckerberg's Google Buzz contacts

In Mark’s public profile you will see that he is currently following 16 people. A quick glance of said followers shows Mark Zuckerberg is following Charles Cheever, Dustin Moskovitz, Adam D’Angelo, Paul Buchheit, amongst others. So now you can do this to each person that Mark follows on Google Buzz, etc. and easily develop a social graph of people Mark Zuckerberg contacts and connects with via email. Looking these folks up, on Google, you will find that they are early Facebook founders and fellow Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

If you click on his public profile you will see that his Google Profile vanity URL is the following.


Notice his user name, mark.zuckerberg. If you append “@gmail.com” to his profile name, you will get Mark Zuckerberg’s GMail address. Feel free to send him a note telling him how much you enjoy getting updates about your friends finding alien cows on Facebook. Mark is a private guy, I mean you can’t just add Mark Zuckerberg as a friend through his Facebook profile page. As the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark is tech savvy so I can’t imagine him intentionally making his GMail address publicly available.

It is evident, that Eric Schmidt is not aware how easily it is to find private email address of Google Buzz users or he is lying. I think that Google should change their motto from “do no evil” to “it’s okay to do dumb shit with your privacy.” What I can’t believe is that apparently Google Buzz was in use inside of Google and by some of their 20,000++ super genius bar qualified engineers for a year or so and no one caught this.

Mark Zuckerberg's Friends on Google Buzz

Mark Zuckerberg's Friends on Google Buzz

Facebook Makes You

Here is a collection of humorous tweets from the recent trending hashtag #faceboomakesyou.

  • @missksp: facebook makes you wanna smash the computer and thats y i deleted it
  • @stevosal: Facebook makes you Popular. Twitter makes u twit!
  • @AdorableGore: Facebook makes you wonder why it’s better than MySpace (if you don’t have it)
  • @RanggaJingga: Facebook makes you leave friendster, and Twitter makes you leave facebook, because myspace are for children.. lol
  • @callmeteliz: Facebook Makes You become addicted haha
  • @raquelcg: Facebook makes you love Orkut q
  • @mojoJOEjo: Facebook Makes You an obsessive, crazy, sleepless zombie
  • @shadrach: Facebook Makes You play xylophone using your penis as a mallet.
  • @DamaJackson: Facebook makes you so unsociable and addicted. Twitter makes you awshum. :]
  • @zoeox: facebook makes you angry when it doesnt work!! grr
  • @Manny_18: Facebook Makes You wanna go to sleep :(
  • @zwischenspiel: Facebook makes you myspace-resistant
  • @juixe: Facebook makes you use your real identity so it is easier for your exe to stalk you.
  • @TheJuanReyes: Facebook makes you want to check your Twitter. then go back, all while you refresh your myspace.
  • @refrobpage: Facebook Makes you….GO CRAZY! DONT MIND IF I DO
  • @alyssaxxooo: Facebook Makes You want to have babies :D
  • @Merchaholic: Facebook makes you do crack.
  • @juixe: Facebook makes you realize you where once cool, what happened to you?
  • @juperd: Facebook Makes You stare at your monitor, hoping someone will buy you at Friends For Sale. Retarded.
  • @juixe: Facebook makes you realize you need new friends!
  • @Milkshakesrule: Facebook makes you feel sick and childish.
  • @supazombie: facebook makes you bring out your inner stalker.
  • @juixe: Facebook Makes You wanna punch someone in their Facebook.
  • @Heleene: Facebook Makes You Depressive (and gothic. =l).
  • @Zushoo: Facebook Makes You Jizz in your pants :D
  • @parisianskies: Facebook makes you paranoid that your internet connection has dropped out, when in actual fact, it’s just that it’s a fucked up site!
  • @HarvestCountry: Facebook makes you realize that once you begin an account there is no real way to delete it. Only deactivate it.
  • @UniqueNY: Facebook Makes You addicted to #FarmVille And #YoVille
  • @mnkyboi452: Totally agree that Facebook Makes You an attention whore!!!
  • @gciecrownholder: trending topic: Facebook makes you find out where your man goes while you’re away. haha
  • @asraina: Facebook makes you wanna switch to Twitter! the best line!! (got it from the search section)

Randumb Tweet

  • You have to put the cupcakes in the front seat like a person.
  • You take more coffee breaks than Juan Valdez.
  • There might not be dumb questions, but there are sure lazy ass questions.
  • An idea that makes money, even if it doesn’t make any sense, will be considered a great idea. An idea is only dumb when it loses money.
  • Some pop pills, I pop bottles.
  • There are playas, hatas, and fakas.
  • The sketch book I use most often, believe it or not, is post-it notepad.
  • Don’t under estimate the value of a penny.
  • It’s been raining all day, first cats, then dogs, now porcupines.
  • I am drinking blueberry herbal tea. It must have more food coloring than herbs because after dipping it in hot water my tea turned purple.
  • I got to many MySpace MySpies.
  • Gotta learn so that you can earn.
  • For some reason Taco Bell food tastes better, almost good, to me when I am sick.
  • I’m in the seventh circle of LOLhell.
  • Having lunch, eating free samples at Costco.
  • 90% of facts on the internet are not checked!
  • I think “Just nerd it up” is my new motto, a cross between “step it up” and “just do it.”
  • The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is not 42, that was a buffer overflow error, the answer is 420.
  • It is hard for me be mean, but I work at it.
  • Life has an equivalent of undo (ctrl+z), it is called sorry.
  • At the dollar store, nothing is priced one dollar, they blame the price increase on the rising oil prices.
  • At the dollar store where nothing is a dollar anymore, spoke with management, they want to rename it to the euro store.
  • I found $10, i’m going on a dollar store shopping spree.
  • The news is just another form of entertainment.
  • Watching network news, first time in years. I thought I was watching news reruns. Apperantly they still don’t have peace in the middle east.
  • If the pen is mightier than the sword, and a picture is worth a thousand words, then a spray paint can is mightier than the pen and sword to the graffiti artist.
  • Publishers need to think outside the content.
  • It seems that some books sole purpose is to kill trees and confuse men, this is one fat physics book…
  • All rap suffers from the same affliction of ghetto fabulous.
  • Pound for pound McDonald’s must sell more buns than meat. The Big Mac seems two thirds bun.
  • I saw a sign at McDonald’s that read, “Career Opportunities Inside.” I think that is an oxymoron.
  • The soul of a trip is in the sole of your shoes.
  • The more I schedule myself in a calendar, the less I know what day it is.
  • If you live in a schedule, all you see is what you are running late to.
  • I see no difference between a ticket scalper and a ticket broker.
  • For some jobs you are said to have too much experience, but for others not enough. I guess there is a Goldilocks effect on experience.
  • A pair of headphones is not supposed to be a boombox. Why have headphones if you gonna blast them so that others can hear cubicles away.

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Books on Twitter

Currently on Amazon there are over nine books on the Twitter, and more coming soon. For those not yet using Twitter, it is a micro blogging service. Each message update sent to Twitter has a limit of 140 characters. Twitter always asks one single question, What are you doing? And from this one single question and 140 characters used to answer said question, Twitter has grown to become a cottage industry for mashup developer, marketers, and bloggers.

The question I is, do people really need Twitter for Dummies or Twitter in 21 days? I mean, Twitter is easier to use than a phone. I type a lot less buttons on my iPhone to tweet an update than to call out of my area code.

Tweet Sin City

I recently traveled to Las Vegas, Sin City… It is often said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that is not the case when you Twitter about. Here is a compilation of my Vegas tweets.

  • Just landed at LAS on VX.
  • Hitting the strip.
  • Just had diner at Koi in PH, heading to the tables.
  • At the VIP section at The Comedy Festival at Ceaser’s Palace.
  • Heading to La Salsa Cantina for a bloody mary.
  • At The Palms having a smoke, second hand.
  • Been talking to cabbies, dealers, waiters, house keeping, etc… Business is down compare to last year. What is next? Vegas bailout?
  • Hanging around the casino for an hour must be like smoking half a pack.
  • Is my phone ringing or is that my ears?
  • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so don’t say anything, I just came out of a BSB concert.
  • I have no greater hell than being front and center in general admission in a BSB concert, and I been detained in foreign countries.
  • I’m not a BSB fan, in my ladies fan.
  • Be sure to checkin snow globes… They are on certain FAA watchlist.
  • Playing Doom in flight on Virgin America’s Red entertainment system.
  • Back in PA/CA.

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Tweet Politico

Twitter has become an sort of digital social soapbox. Here is an aggregation of recent tweet regarding government and politics.

  • Bush Foreign Policy: 1. Find a map. 2. Find Putin’s soul. 3. Find oil. 4. ?????? 5. Profit. 6. Find Osama.
  • President Bush is as committed to finding Osama Bin Laden as OJ Simpson is committed to finding the murderer of Nicole Simpson.
  • Republicans and democrats are two sides of the same special interest coin.
  • For every one iron curtain that has been torn down, one hundred barriers, barricades, blockades, embargoes, and walls have gone up.
  • $2+ billion election, 100+ millions votes… that’s $20/vote.
  • If the American Revolution was held today, Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride would have been a Midnight Tweet.
  • One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, and the CIA will train both!
  • Lame duck ducks shoes.
  • What I would like to see out of the Obama Administration is an immediate and publicly available API from most government services.
  • I like an government API to access the US census, lost items found by TSA, government spending, economic growth trends, and other figures.
  • We need a new Department of Web Apps, the government needs setup something like twitter.gov, digg.gov, flickr.gov, wikipedia.gov, itunes.gov

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Scobleizing Randumb Tweets

On this month’s issue of Fast Company, Robert Scoble’s business article was a stream, or better yet, a dribble of blabbering twitter messages. And the Scobleizer bunny gets paid for this. Since twitter does not achieve and make available all your tweets I thought I do a scoble and blog my tweets for posterity. In this post I repost some off the wall and totally random tweets.

  • Buy one, get one free. It’s the buy shit no one else wanted sale!
  • A marketing slogan will not save the world.
  • It doesn’t matter anymore if you eat organic food, we all inhale the same bio-fuel produced air.
  • The air quality is so bad in the bay area that you have to chew the air before you can breath it in.
  • GoDaddy is more a dead beat dad.
  • At the apex of the vortex welcome to the matrix as the cortex is conjecturing about sex.
  • I understand a newly immigrated Chinese speaking English better than a born and raised Brit speaking English.
  • Getting ready for the impending zombie attack.
  • Some people have a hat rack, I have a laptop rack.
  • The only reason I subscribe to magazines is to rip them up for scrap paper for piñatas.
  • To think outside the box, first you need a box.
  • Is the hiring process like speed dating? You quickly get to know the candidate, but just want to know if candidate can perform.
  • It drives me nuts that my girlfriend does not know the difference between star wars, star trek and stargate!
  • If you are one in a million, in a world with six billion people, there are six thousand of you out there.
  • The good thing about taboos is breaking them.
  • Eating lamb, who new such a cute animal would taste sooo good.
  • Watching a horror flick and paying bills, not sure which is scarier.

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Scobleizing Political Tweets

On this month’s issue of Fast Company, Robert Scoble’s business article was a stream, or better yet, a dribble of blabbering twitter messages. And the Scobleizer bunny gets paid for this. Since twitter does not archieve and make available all your tweets I thought I do a scoble and blog my tweets for posterity. Being an election year, I thought I repost some political minded tweets.

  • A two party system does not allow for real choice, real change, real debate, real democracy.
  • The Cadillac One, the President’s bullet proof limousine, is the antithesis, diabolical, and polar opposite of the Pope Mobile.
  • If Adam Smith was right, that there is an invisible hand, then there is also an invisible chain and cage, there is an invisible gitmo.
  • If Adam Smith was right, that there is an invisible hand, it is because that is all that is left after corruptalism disembodied the corpse.
  • Adam Smith was wrong, because his premise was wrong, there is no such thing as free markets, there are deceitful gouging capitalist markets.
  • I feel like Adam Smith’s invisible hand just went down my pants and stole my money as I was paying for gas.
  • It has been said that Bill Clinton was the first black president. In that logic, Obama might be the first Muslim president.

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