Obama Is Here

Christopher Bridges, better known by his stooge name Ludacris, has recorded and released a song in support of Obama. The song is entitled ‘Politics: Obama Is Here.’ In song Ludacris states that the world is ready for change because Obamam is here, but the first thing he asks of Obama is special pardon from jail, and the VP office. This is not change, this is just like all other administrations. The supporters of the the President are just it to wit it.

The only change Obama wants, is to change his current address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Obama will not be the first black president. It was said that Bill Clinton was the first black president. If Obama gets elected to president, Bill Clinton will still continue to be the only black president. Obama will be the first president to make everybody think he is black, his politricks are very whity.

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Judo In 30 Seconds

I’ve always wanted to learn a martial art such as Judo or Karate. I won’t learn much from the following video, but it is really informative as to the different power moves in Judo. This video, in less than thirty seconds demonstrates several Judo moves.

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Brain Rules

In his new book Brain Rules, Dr. John Medina describes 12 mental principles that will help in one’s life. Dr. Medina is a molecular biologist and basis the 12 principles he describes in his book on peer review research. His 12 principles can be stated as follows.

  • Exercise boosts brain power.
  • The human brain evolved, too.
  • Every brain is wired differently.
  • We don’t pay attention to boring things.
  • Repeat to remember.
  • Remember to repeat.
  • Sleep well, think well.
  • Stressed brains don’t learn the same way.
  • Stimulate more of the senses.
  • Vision trumps all other senses.
  • Male and female brains are different.
  • We are power and natural explorers.

Dr. Medina has made several interviews where he talks in detail about the 12 brain rules he describes in his book. You can find an audio interview of Dr. Medina on the Ruby on Rails podcast. There is also a presentation from Authors at Google.

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Power Point Stand Up Presentation

Some power point comedian goes over a presentation on how to use power point. This is soo funny because it is true how marketing middle managers use power point animations and hundreds of bullets.

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A Vision of Students

It seems soo 1999 to go to a class and learn off a black board. Even though classrooms have computers, the chalk is the most used technology in schools.

Here is an innovative collaborate video survey of 200 students at Kansas Sate University.

Here is some basic stats, from the students point of view, about college.

  • My average class size is 115
  • 18% of my teachers know my name
  • I complete 49% of the readings assigned to me
  • I will read 8 books this year

You can read more at Mediated Cultures.

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Top YouTube Members

Barats and Bereta
Recent video documentary reveals God’s other son, Wesley, whom God sent in 2007 AD to save humanity. Unfortunately for humanity, Wesley ends up in a college fraternity.

Lisa Nova
Lisa Nova recently collaborated with Perez Hilton and other YouTuber’s in LisaNova does YouTube. The video seemed to have cause a lot of controversy in the the community of video nerds with allegation of spamming.

Happy Slip
This Pinay chick does interesting, whacky, skits where she plays all parts including her father, mother, auntie, and herself. If she hadn’t discovered YouTube she might have been committed for multiple personality disorder.

Chris Crocker
Recently, itschriscrocker pop up in most peoples radar for his know infamous LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE video that went viral.

Mia Rose
Some time back I wrote about Mia Rose. Mia is an aspiring singer working on her first record.

Perez Hilton
He doesn’t put out a lot of videos but I do check on his YouTube videos from time to time.

Here is the Most Subcribed YouTube members page to help you viewing. Now, let me pontificate a bit about YouTube members. In all honesty, YouTube members seem to take themselves way too seriously and strongly feel that they are building a new media. I just feel that YouTube benefits 100 times more than most members but with that said some people have used it as a vehicle to some sort of 15 minutes of fame, mostly within YouTube.

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Bike Free Running

Julien Dupont becomes a real life Line Rider in France. He reminds me of urban tricking, free running, or parkour freaks I mentioned in Ultimage Urban Ninja.

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Pick Your Best Man Carefully

Ladies and gentlemen raise your glasses to some of the funniest best man speeches out there. The first one start off “fornication, excuse me, for an occasion such as this…” As a married man the best man gave the groom some helpful advice, he and his wife don’t go to bed mad, they usually stay up all night and argue.Be really careful when you pick your best man for your wedding. Your best man know all about you, he might reveal too much you in front of all your new in laws. In classic wedding humor the best man in this video outs the groom.

Here is another video of a hilarious best man speech. The best man starts off by saying, “Words can’t describe how I feel about these beautiful people so I prepared an interpretive dance…”

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