COVID-19 and China

There is little question that COVID-19 originated in China, where it made its first appearance in Wuhan, China in mid-November 2019. By mid-February 2020, it had spread worldwide with tens of thousands of confirmed cases in China, Italy, Spain, and Iran. By mid-March, thousands had already died. Now, in mid-April there are about 2.5 million confirmed cases and 165 thousand dead. Across the world, governments enacted shelter in place ordinance for everyone except essential workers, like police, doctors, nurses, and grocery store baggers. Who knew that a grocery store bagger, a job that barely requires a GED, would be an essential worker?

There have been plenty of questions about the transparency of the Chinese government about the spread and death toll of COVID-19. There was mounting pressure and belief that Chinese statistics about COVID-19 cases was significantly undercounted, so much so that China has revised and doubled the official number of confirmed cases and deaths. Experts still believe that these number are low, given China’s population density in the region.

And now, in the midst of a the worst economic shutdown in modern history some people, including politicians, are beginning to question and believe that COVID-19 was engineered and subsequently escaped a research lab in Wuhan, China. If China covered up the infection rate and death toll of COVID-19, it would certainly cover up if in fact it originated in a research lab there. All we can do is continue to shelter in place while keeping social distancing, and wait for our stimulus check.

China Coronavirus Flag, Jyllands-Posten, Niels Bo Bojesen
China Corona Virus Flag, Jyllands-Posten, Niels Bo Bojesen

Modern Guide to Being Rich and Famous

So you want to be rich and famous in the age on viral videos and social media.  Here is a sure approach to becoming an influencer.  First find an audience that is easily influenced.  As a grown adult do dumb and immature shit, build your fan base of 13 year olds, ask your teenage fan base to ask their parents to buy your shirts and gear, and rinse, repeat, and profit.


When Michael Faraday was asked by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer what good would come out of his research in electromagnetism he replied, “One day sir, you may tax it.” Looking at my recent electricity bill, I can attest that Michael Faraday was right.

A similar asked of Michael Faraday can be asked of Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer virtual currency. Bitcoin and similar virtual currencies, even thought they are decentralized, will not only innovate payment services but tax collection.

Brown Shirt, Black Shirt, White Shirt

White shirt, brown shirt, black shirt, I can’t tell the difference. A NYPD white shirt punches a female protester in the face. She goes down for the count a la Rodney King, and of course she gets arrested.

It’s not entirely clear what lead the NYPD to push the civilian as the clip is a bit jerky. From what I can tell, the police where herding the crowd, the police might have pushed the female and she turned to him and might have deflected him initial push at which point she got clocked.

A separate video taken on the same day, shows a police officer in a scooter run over lawyer from the National Lawyer’s Guilde that was present as a legal observer. Again, the video is a little shaky but you can see you do see the police officer in the scooter hit the accelerator, what is also clear is that the police officer parks the scooter right on top of the right ankle of the man he ran over. The police officer puts pressure down on the leg of the man and sits on it for a little bit and eventually gets up with his baton in hand and pushes people clear of the scene leaving the man on the floor at a short distance. The man screams in agony for a few seconds when kicks the scooter off his leg at which point four officers jump on him to make the arrest, assaulting a police officer no doubt.

It’s only a matter of time until the police starts cracking heads.

Vaccines to Treat Personal Traits and Habits

The typical definition of a vaccine describes how a vaccine usually contains a biological agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism in a weaken state so that when introduced in the human body it can develop anti-toxins for this form of organism and build up its immunity for the disease. The flu vaccine fits this definition perfectly because we have identified the microorganism that causes the flu and we can create a weaker form of the flu which is used as the vaccine. Essentially, the vaccine is a weaker dose of the actual microbe that causes the disease.

Vaccines are a huge business, with even a bigger potential. First, even though to create vaccine is relatively easy there is a state sponsored oligarchy of big pharmaceuticals that get FDA approval to create specific vaccines. Also, since vaccines are usually a preventive measure it is easy to suggest people to take them if marketed correctly.

The number one issue people have with conventional flu vaccines is that they are traditionally administered via an injection. But since the big H1N1 flu scare of 2009, vaccine makers have introduced oral and nasal vaccines. With the introduction of new administration methods drug maker have found new application for vaccines, such as cocaine vaccine and alzheimer ‘s vaccine.

Cocaine addiction is classified as a disease but not one caused by biological microbe organisms like the conventional flu. So you can deduce that the cocaine vaccine is not a vaccine but a market position for a new drug. Drug companies have learned that in the general population has been trained to vaccinate their children without question for any and every possible disease. So labeling a cocaine addiction drug as a vaccine helps the marketing push of the drug. Basically drug companies have co-opted the word vaccine for their pursuit of the bottom line.

Expect to see a whole new set of drugs labeled as vaccines to address anything from obesity, shopping addition, gambling habits, smart energy, and performance enhancement issues. There will be a vaccine to address just about any anti-social personality trait, habit, or behavior. There will be an Farmville addiction vaccine, a don’t do homework vaccine, a hangover vaccine, a body order vaccine, etc. People already spend billions in preventive medicine and health products, everything from energy drinks, to memory stimulants, muscle building supplements, vitamins, and more. There is a huge market if you can develop a ‘vaccine’ for these segments.

The big pharmaceuticals are marketing their drugs as vaccines because the general public has associated vaccines with preventative measure, they are constantly reminded how the polio and chicken pox vaccine has saved millions of children lives since it was first introduced. Drug companies are co-opting the word vaccine to invest in a new set of preventative drugs to address anti-social traits, habits, and behaviors in people from compulsive shopping to cocaine addition.

H1N1 Vaccine

H1N1 Vaccine, by Roland

LOL Hitler

The meaning of symbols change, sometimes from a religious meaning to one synonymous with hatred, such as the swastika. In recent history, the swastika was used as a symbol for Hitler’s Third Reich, under whose emblem an approximate six million Jews, Poles, Gypsies, and other were exterminated. Originally the swastika was not a symbol of hate or murder, it was a religious symbol used by different peoples at different times going back to early civilizations. It is still used today in Hindu homes as a religious symbol, not much unlike the Christian cross or the Jewish star of David. The swastika, again is going through a metamorphosis transformation, especially as the Anti-Defamation League has downgraded the swastika as a Jewish hate symbol. The swastika is still considered a symbol of hate, but not one that specifically targets Jews, it is has broaden it’s horizon to other minorities so to speak.

But the swastika is not the only Nazi symbol that is going through a similar change in meaning, Hitler himself is getting a PR make over. During World Ware II, Hitler was portrayed in American propaganda posters as an tyrannical ape, evil incarnate, or a diabolical villain. In 2005 Prince Harry of Wales has been photograph wearing a Halloween costume of a Nazi soldier. Socialite Paris Hilton was seen doing what seemed like a Nazi salute at a club in 2010. By no means would I ever consider Prince Harry or Paris Hilton as Nazi sympathizers so people are left with the question, why did they behave as such?

There is a growing number of viral internet memes that juxtapose Hitler and something considered cute, like kittens. There is a website devoted to Cats that Look Like Hitler. The website has all sorts of pictures with whose hair color make it resemble the Fuhrer. Another internet meme is that of a little kid dressed up as Hitler himself holding a near empty glass of orange juice with the LOL caption that reads I HAVE ELIMINATED ALL THE JUICE. Another popular Hitler viral meme is to take the clip from the movie The Downfall where Hitler throws a tantrum and dub it in English about some other current event such as the BP oil spill.

I Have Eliminated All The Juice

I Have Eliminated All The Juice

Is Hitler funny? I don’t think Hitler would have doing well in The Last Comic Standing but many are remixing a dark sense of humor with elements of the Third Reich. The swastika, the Nazi symbol, and even Hitler himself are being transformed via viral internet memes to a degree that even the Anti-Defamation League might one day even downgrade Hitler himself as a Jewish hate symbol.