The New American Economy

The American economy is based on economic growth, and for a long time growth was achieved by making territorial gains, pushing west.  Then economic growth was was made by opening new markets.  An exponential growth occurred each time a new industry was formed.  For the last quarter of a century, most of the exponential growth has come from the financial sector, where companies merge assets, layoff staff, and outsource production paystub generator for business.  The modern American family is a reflection of the new American economy.  American families used to have more children than they do now, as children were an economic benefit by an early age but now they are an economic drain well past their 30s. Homelessness is on the rise as the cost of living has skyrocketed but wages remain flat. The cost of health care jumps up each year, not due to new medications but because patents for those medications are bought up by conglomerates. American’s don’t save because it doesn’t pay to save.

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