Isles of Wonder London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Did the London 2012 Olympic Games start with what seems a headstone? The American broadcast of the London 2012 Olympic Games began with a video montage whose first frame was that gravestone with the words Isles of Wonder.

The opening scene in the stadium looked like a country side village gathering to play a game of cricket. Video of children’s choirs from the occupied territories of Northern Ireland, subjugated Scotland, police state Wales, and England sang fragments of songs relevant to their perspective countries. Few minutes in, and I’m already bored.

It looks like the London 2012 Olympic Games will involve a lot of people dressed in outdated old Victorian outfits speakth in ye old English Shakespearian verses.

All of a sudden, to represent the Industrial Revolution, a lot of homeless looking people come out of the trees and guys in top hats start striking a vogue. I think somewhere in this era the English were involved in the slave trade. Smoke stacks emerge out of the ground and start polluting the stadium. All along some bangara drugs where playing with some eurotrash synthesized melody in the background.

All of a sudden a juxtaposed carnival of English stereotypes and cliches emerged, old guys in red coats classed with an army of Sargent Peppers. Wow, it is true that the English have bad teeth, and bad facial hair.

Pompous music plays to a video of Mr. Bond walking into Buckingham Palace to pay the Queen a visit, I guess the old bat also likes her martini shaken and not stirred. A fake Queen Elizabeth jumps out of a helicopter with a parachute, seconds later the real Queen descends down into her sky box to greet her slavish subjects.

I have to be honest, the London 2012 Opening Ceremony totally lost between them celebrating their socialist health care and the giant 100 foot figure of Voldemort. I’m afraid it didn’t get much better after that.

The London 2012 Opening Ceremony definitely left out the part it where the Britain was conquered by the Romans, Normans, and the Vikings. The Opening Ceremony also had a large omission, it had nothing about the Black Plague.

London 2012 Logo

London 2012 Logo

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