Obama’s American Dream Deferred

While speaking to students at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), President Obama said the following

So we’ve still got a lot of work to do to rebuild this economy so that it lasts, so that it’s solid, so that it’s firm.  But what I want you to know is that the degree you earn from UNC will be the best tool you have to achieve that basic American promise — the idea that if you work hard, you can do well enough to raise a family and own a home, send your own kids to college, put a little away for retirement.  (Applause.)  That American Dream is within your reach.  (Applause.) 

Let’s be honest… Obama’s kids version of the American Dream is to marry Jewish investment bankers like Chelsea Clinton. When I was a kid, the American Dream used to be to go to the moon, not squirrel away pennies for retirement. The American Dream meant that if you work hard you can achieve anything, now it means that if you work hard you can pay off your mortgage.

Retweet April 2012

In this post I’ll be reblogging some retweets from the past month broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events such as the upcoming general election as well as the continuing military droning in the Middle East. Follow the conversation at xwoop and lolprez.


  • Obama is a better campaigner than he is as a president.
  • O.B.A.M.A: One Big Awful Mistake America
  • Obama paid 20.5% of his income in income taxes. Why doesn’t he pay his fair share?
  • Under the Obama administration the GSA is partying it up in Vegas, Secret Service paying (or not paying) or hooker in Colombia, what else?

Got Gov?

  • The most corrupt organization in the world must be the police.
  • American foreign policy is established, enforced, and powered by cash, hookers, and coke.
  • All laws are Trojan horses that erode and reduce and limit our freedoms, liberties, and unalienable rights.
  • Citizenship is only for those that agree with the executive branch, all else are deemed enemy combatants.
  • The Presidential Rule: the longer a president is in office, the corruptible he becomes.

War Racket

  • The general public loves to forget the atrocities of war, but military leaders love to learn from them.
  • The holocaust was not the first holocaust, and it wasn’t the last holocaust in history.
  • All wars are civil wars, because we are all the same people just made to fear each other.
  • Civil War is an oxymoron and belligerents are just morons.


  • I think we are well beyond peak sushi!
  • My heartbeat is my workout.
  • Ideas are free but originality will cost you!
  • The one truth is that there is no one true universal truth.
  • Here is a new drink I made up: teen angst = 2/3 hand sanitizer, 1/3 orange juice, rim the glass with bath salts


  • Style or swag?
  • What do you do when you are bullied by your teacher?
  • How cool is the average person?
  • Who wouldn’t love paid administrative leave?
  • How do climate change shills explain Anchorage, AK setting a new snowfall record? #global #warming #warmmonger


  • OH: If you talking to yourself keep it to yourself.
  • OH: So my idea was brilliant, but only for a minute.
  • OH: I’m so sick of people that complain all day.
  • OH: What language do people speak here nowadays?
  • OH: Don’t worry about people that don’t matter.
  • OH: You, me, and your period have gone through a lot.


  • Busy != Productive
  • Execution > Idea
  • Logic and Reason != Law and Order
  • Democratic Party = Bureaucratic Party
  • State Rights > Federal Rights
  • Climate != Weather
  • Be interested > Be Interesting
  • Troubleshooter > Troublemaker
  • Personality != Persona

Obama’s Long Lost Relative

There is a group of people, commonly known as birthers, that believe that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. These birthers believe that President Obama was born in the African nation of Kenya. I for one don’t believe that President Obama was born in Kenya. It has been widely published that President Obama is related to Republican leaders such as Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney, and even George W. Bush. I’ve unearth new evidence of one other of Obama’s long lost relative, Quark. Here is a side by side comparison of President Barack Obama and Quark, the fictional character from Star Trek. The similarities between Obama and Quark are uncanny that I don’t believe Obama was born in Kenya but now think it possible that he was actually born in Ferengi home world of Ferenginar.

A side by side comparaision of Obama (left) and Quark (right).

A side by side comparaision of Obama (left) and Quark (right).

Redefining Marriage, Redefining Obama

Is is widely reported that President Obama is in support of same sex marriage. It is important to note that his campaign started less than a week ago and with that in mind this is how I interpret his “evolving” position…

At a certain point, I’ve just concluded, that for me politically it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married after I get re-elected. – President Obama

Redefining Marriage

Gay people love to redefine words. The word gay itself didn’t always mean homosexual. For most of its history, the word gay mean jolly or joyful, synonymous to carefree. In this this fashion the word fabulous has been co-opted by the gay community to FABULOUS, as described in Urban Dictionary to “the ultimate compliment in the gay community.” Now, the queer as folk people want to redefine the word marriage.

Homosexuality has existed since as long as marriage itself, for it has to exist if the bible bans it as many Christians believe. We have found pottery fragments and murals from ancient Greek and Roman archeological sites. Even in these ancient cultures where homosexuality was allowed, marriage was between a man and a woman. It is only now that certain people want to redefine marriage to be between two people that love each, no matter their sex.

The simple argument for gay marriage is that the current concept of marriage, between a man and a woman, discriminates against gay couples. The idea, concept, and word marriage itself doesn’t discriminate but there are laws that surrounding health care, inheritance, and other benefits that are applied only to married couples, not co-habitating couples, or it’s complicated relations, etc. So as it has been done before, the approach to addressing these issues is to co-opt the word marriage to mean something entirely different.

As described earlier, the word gay didn’t always have to define homosexuality. But the one thing that the gay community does well is redefine terms and the word gay wasn’t enough to encompasses everyone in the community. In fact, word gay is not inclusive enough that the gay community uses the following term: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual (LGBTQIA). In a similar fashion, I wouldn’t be surprised if the word marriage will eventually take a similar inclusive approach if we redefine it.

So if we are to redefine marriage to be between two people that love each other, I think it is not inclusive enough. We should ensure that all sexual subcultures can participant in the marriage 2.0. Why should we stop at two people, we should include polygamist too. So we should define marriage to be between any number of people that love each other. But even with this definition there are state laws that govern he age of consent, we should remove those discriminatory laws and redefine marriage to be between any number of consent post-pubescent individuals that love each other. But event his is not inclusive enough because some people love their family members or real dolls or pets or some other inanimate object in a way we don’t understand.