Obama Campaign Crowdsources The President’s Jobs Plan Art Work

Instead of paying a graphic artist or illustrator a decent wage for designing the art work for the President’s plan to create jobs, the Obama campaign crowd sourced the project to volunteers. It’s ironic, that President Obama’s re-election campaign is asking people to do a job, design a jobs poster, for free which will be used to encourage people to create jobs! They could have created a job by giving the job as a paying gig to a freelance artist or illustrator.

There are a number of sites such as Wikipedia and the Huffington Post that rely on the work and effort contributed for free by its members. In the case of the Huffignton Post, a large number of users contributed a large percent of the content on the site and when the Huffignton Post was sold to AOL they didn’t share in the sale, because those individuals that had contributed their content waived all rights to the content. The Huffignton Post was sold to AOL for over $300 million off the backs of volunteers.

Obama For America Campaign's Artwork Submission

Obama For America Campaign's Artwork Submission

You Are Breaking The Law

There are so many laws on the book that at any given moment you are breaking one without even realizing it. They are designed to make everyone a criminal, so that the police can arrest you for any cause. Do you know how many arrests have been made on because of a broken tail light? The broken tail light is the number one reason police use to pull someone over, and because they pull you over, they have to inspect and search you vehicle, and if they find some other infraction on you they can make a charges stick because the broken tail light gave the police probably cause to stop you to begin with.

When there are so many laws in the book, the police can use any one of them as tools not for serving the people but by selectively using them to control the people. This is similar to the how public institutions used to discriminate, they set up arbitrary admissions tests that would just happen to be that much more difficult for “undesirables.”

Here is commentary on admissions question that were used on Jewish applications. As described by the comments, the problem set given Jewish applicants were just that more difficult to answer and any mistaken would disqualify you. This is what happens when you have complex set of rules, laws, or ordinances. When you have a complex body of laws, the population may at time be trespassing any one of those laws but since they are enforced selectively.

Do you really believe, even today, that all laws are enforced equally? I’ve never seen a jay walking ticket be given out in an affluent neighborhood, even though kids take up a whole block to toss the ball around.

You Are Being Occupied

Protesters are not occupying Wall Street, at best they are occupying a public park several blocks away from Wall Street. The protesters themselves are occupied, they are sounded by agent provocateurs, enforcement officers from several dozens of local, state, and federal agencies, they’ve been infiltrated by plain clothes police and operatives, they are arrested at the whims of police, beat women down and arrest them for resisting arrest, run over legal observers, they are entrapped by the hundreds into walking in the middle of a bridge only to be arrested by walking on the bridge. The Occupy Wall Street protesters are not occupying anything, they themselves are occupied.

Future of Security Screening

The federal government, TSA, FAA, and other agencies know that airport security is security theater. The current airport screening policies, mechanisms, and technology is a joke and potentially dangerous to TSA staff and passengers as is the case with the naked body scanners. Current screening procedures and equipment keep changing ever few years but the future of airport screening is clear. TSA’s wet dream is to have everybody walk through the same screening machine. In the future, you will see that the screening checkpoint will be a enclosed tunnel where people will walk in a single file, much like the scene in Total Recall.

Scene From Total Recall

Scene From Total Recall

It’s clear that the government would prefer if everybody goes through an excessive full body naked scan to board a flight. It’s also clear that government agencies are usurping unprecedented power, that they are removing our civil liberties, our privacy, our rights one by one. The Department of Homeland Security would prefer of everybody goes through the same invasive machine, they want to remove the option of a pat down, remove the option or going through a metal detector, or other means.

The future of security checkpoint screening is to have everybody walk in a single file in a tunnel as they are scan multiple times at multiple frequencies with multiple naked body scanners. An array of naked body scanners can be installed along a long passageway that can capture passengers biometric information such as, retinal scans, facial scans, posture, walking sample, body temperature, heart rate, tattoos scans through clothing, etc. Video and audio recording is just the tip of the iceberg of what police will monitor, screen, and scan in public places for in the near future.

Nobel Industrial-Military Complex Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize committee must be a bunch or drones, or drone makers such as the makers of the Reaper or Predator drones, to give President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. Leading up to the 2008 election, President Obama promised to pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He also said that we would close down Guantanamo.

I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank. – Barack Obama Campaign Promise

Since becoming president, Obama has expanded the war deep inside Pakistan, into Yemen, Libya with black ops teams, loafers on the ground operatives, death dealing drones, tomahawk missiles, and a chorus of condemnation. In addition, the Obama administration is pushing for steps that would ultimately bring us closer to attacking Syria and/or Iran. Now Obama has committed to sending US military advisers, code for black ops, into Uganda. To be honest, this is more about hitting sales quotas for new military hardware than humanitarian concerns for the people of Uganda. Don’t forget that President Obama went on a Military-Industrial Complex sales roadshow in India.

Brown Shirt, Black Shirt, White Shirt

White shirt, brown shirt, black shirt, I can’t tell the difference. A NYPD white shirt punches a female protester in the face. She goes down for the count a la Rodney King, and of course she gets arrested.

It’s not entirely clear what lead the NYPD to push the civilian as the clip is a bit jerky. From what I can tell, the police where herding the crowd, the police might have pushed the female and she turned to him and might have deflected him initial push at which point she got clocked.

A separate video taken on the same day, shows a police officer in a scooter run over lawyer from the National Lawyer’s Guilde that was present as a legal observer. Again, the video is a little shaky but you can see you do see the police officer in the scooter hit the accelerator, what is also clear is that the police officer parks the scooter right on top of the right ankle of the man he ran over. The police officer puts pressure down on the leg of the man and sits on it for a little bit and eventually gets up with his baton in hand and pushes people clear of the scene leaving the man on the floor at a short distance. The man screams in agony for a few seconds when kicks the scooter off his leg at which point four officers jump on him to make the arrest, assaulting a police officer no doubt.

It’s only a matter of time until the police starts cracking heads.

Iran–Contra Affair II

The US government is alleging that two Iranian agents trained by Mossad with Soviet era weapons released under Project Gunrunner approved by AG Holder contracted out the Mexican drug cartel to laundered money with Chinese backing hatched a plot at band camp to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US and blame it on the Occupy Wall Street organizers by releasing CIA false flag documentation on WikiLeaks and seducing Julian Assange with a goat. I think I’ll wait for the Tom Clancy book to be turned into a video game after the release of the blockbuster movie of said book wins the Oscars for best Security Theater award.

California Redemption Value Tax

Without a doubt climate change is real. The climate of the earth has changed over time, from hot humid temperatures at the time of the dinosaurs to as cold as an ice chest as recent of 10 thousand years ago. The earth’s climate changes for a variety of reason for which scientists don’t yet understand. What is true, is that the last ice age was not caused by man.

So if man did not cause the last ice age, and the earth’s climate has changed over time since earth was formed, why are politicians, scientists, and generally really smart people up in arms about global warming and climate change? Money, marketing, and control.

People don’t realize this, but do you know you pay up to three times to recycle. In California, consumers pay five cents per bottle of water, beer, soda, etc. for the California Redemption Value (CRV), which functions as a recycling fee or recycling tax. If you buy a six pack, you pay an additional thirty cents as CRV. In most municipalities, you have to recycle and the garbage company gives you a bin for recycled waste. For a household of 4, it takes time to recycle on an average of at least 1 hours a week. I see this time as an opportunity loss, so if you earn $20/hour you’ve paid that amount with your time. The third form of payment to recycle, is what you pay the garbage company to come pick up your trash and recyclables. Even though you paid the CRV, you spent time to sort the recycles, and you paid to have the recycles picked up, the garbage companies get a bonus because they collect the CRV and sell whatever is they can to whoever is buying.

Climate Engineering and Troll Propaganda

I recently saw a comic by Joel Pett that made me realize that the climate change debate is more about money, marketing, and control that it is about the climate. The comic depicted a lecture on climate where the presenter (possibly Al Gore) had a slide with a few bullets; Energy Independence, Preserve Rain forests, Sustainability, Green Jobs, Livable Cities, Healthy Children, etc, etc. At the same time, a guy in the back of the lecture hall says, “What if it’s a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?”

Climate Summit by Joel Pett

Climate Summit by Joel Pett

So what’s wrong with the above comic? It’s troll propaganda. Most people have have issues with how the current climate change debate is framed are not concern about creating a better world for nothing. I believe the better question is “What if it’s a big hoax and we create a better world for whom and for how much?” I also have issues with the bullet points in the slide. I would have changed them to Carbon Cap, Consumption Tax, CRV Fee, Force Relocation, etc, etc.

Take green jobs for example. It’s been recently reported that a $500 million green job program run by the government has been mostly a failure, with only about 15% of participants landing jobs. Another half a billion dollar failure in the green job sector has been Solyndra. After receiving over $500 million loan from the federal government Solyndra still went bankrupt.

Climate change is normal planetary and geological evolution, just like continental drift, but certainly pollution and high emissions don’t have not helped to maintain the climate at which humans prefer. But having lived through the financial mismanagement in part both by the government and the financial institutions that are paid to manage financial risk, I can assure that any effort or agreement on climate change will not benefit the people.

I Am The 99%

One of they rallying cry of the Occupy Wall Street movement is “We are the 99%.” People are taking that message to online communities such as Reddit. For example, on the popular image subreddit pics people are posting images of handwritten “I Am The 99” stories. Some of them are incredibly touching and immensely moving.

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