Retweet July 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in July 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Got Gov?

  • Is President Obama’s password to Twitter a state secret?
  • If your government censor it’s censorship policies you might as well rename your country Airstrip Two.
  • I don’t know why the Greek are looking at Germany to bail it out, they should be looking to China.
  • France is so famous of losing battles that they have a national holiday after such an occasion, Cinco de Mayo!
  • More talk leads to more BS, that’s why peace talks don’t get to any resolution.
  • The government invest in smart weapons, smart electrical grids, etc. why doesn’t invest more in smart people?
  • Pot Holes: Your tax dollars at making your vehicle not work!
  • The US was founded by Free Masons on mason principles and ideals.
  • Just like criminals cannot profit from their crimes, so too politicians should be made not to profit from theirs.
  • Here is a revenue generating idea, tax up to 80% of all income made by current and former elected politicians.


  • We may be a nation of many laws but of few jobs.
  • Does the American blue collar worker belong in the anthropology museum?
  • We do not live in a Capitalist society, this is a Creditlist culture.
  • The American Dream + Inception = We Need More Bailouts
  • The Federal Reserve is a misnomer, like military intelligence, it’s neither federal and it doesn’t have any reservations of taking bailouts.
  • The Federal Reserve is like the prison gang of bankers where instead of getting shanked in the shower they get bonuses in the boiler room.
  • Every time you buy a Made in China product, whether it be toys or toothpaste, you have a higher than normal chance you are getting lead too.


  • Just like guns don’t kill people, religion does not murder, pillage, and rapes people, people murder, pillage, and rapes people.
  • News agencies have staff writers, staff photographers, and staff Photoshop illustrators.
  • First, Pluto is stripped of it’s planet status, now the Big Bang might be abandoned as the theory of the foundation of the Universe.
  • For every insurgent the US military days it has killed, it has killed directly/indirectly 4.3 civilians.
  • Give the people bread, not lead!


  • Is President Obama’s password to Twitter a state secret?
  • If you travel to a new country and have fast food, like McDonald’s, have you really traveled at all?
  • If you can’t be positive at the beginning of an adventure how do you think you will be at the end?
  • How can someone who says is good at geography be bad at directions and can’t follow a map to save themselves?
  • Do you like it nice and easy or fast and furious?
  • What drives you? Passion, success, money, fame, family, or the school bus?
  • Have you ever been so hot that even your eyeballs were sweating and that it made you look like you were crying?
  • Why should I not mess with Texas?
  • If you were a doctor what body part would you specialize?
  • Would you rather do something great or be someone great?
  • Which is better, a one trick pony or an old dog you can’t teach new tricks?
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? And, is she with Waldo?
  • Great achievements take great effort, otherwise what’s so great about it?
  • Which do you prefer, tiger roll or bear claw?


  • Old stoners never die, they just get faded.
  • I should be dreaming, I need to go deeper.
  • Stupidity is viral.
  • I am the sum of all my multiple personalities.
  • We are all reality stars.
  • I want to trademark the word copyright and copyright the word trademark.
  • When you tell someone “I love you” there should be an equal emphasis on all words. Some focus on “I” most, others “you”, and some on “you”.
  • I wish world governments would work together to develop a machine to slow the spin of the earth to make more hours in the day!
  • Some people wakeup with the wrong emotional settings marked as default.
  • A real Mexican restaurant has menudo in the menu, otherwise it’s not Mexican.
  • I think it’s retarded to think about banning the word retarded.
  • Best New Excuse: A hacker stole my homework and posted it on Associated Content!
  • Kids are the best except when they are at their worst.
  • There is a class of people that call themselves celebrities but there is nothing about them to celebrate.
  • If you could power your vehicles with the jealousy from haters, we could solve our need of foreign oil.
  • I love digitally, I’m either turned on or turned off.
  • In no country, culture, time, or parallel universe does nagging make things better.
  • Waiting for the future does not make it arrive any faster.
  • Doctors have more meds than they have answers and in the end I think that the meds make you happier.
  • The customer is always right but the customer doesn’t always know what is right, therefore always make the customer feel like he is right.
  • What is wrong is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Beauty doesn’t much care about the beholder.
  • There are a few things that street cred will get you that credit will not.
  • FUD is food for the feeble.
  • Life is short so go long!
  • Life is epic.

Independence Day

  • Happy Birthday, America!!! Let’s go out and celebrate with Chinese made fireworks.
  • Happy 4th and death to the Hessian mercenaries!
  • Be patriotic, think for yourself.
  • God bless America cause we can sure use some Divine help.
  • Happy Fourth: Don’t Tread on ME!

The Ground Zero Mosque

All rights, including freedom of speech, have limitations and building a mosque near Ground Zero is the architectural equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded building. All Americans have the right to practice their faith in the accordance with his or her believes but they do not the the right to impose said beliefs upon any other person. There have been numerous cases where an establish religious organization has tried to put a symbol of their faith in clear public view. In many situations, the religious symbols have been forcibly removed under court order. Issues not unlike this have already gone to the supreme court.
In 2009, the US Supreme Court heard a case about a cross put up to honor fallen veterans. In the middle of a desert, this cross stood to pay homage to our war dead, and someone was offended enough to take the issue to the Supreme Court.
Cases like this have come up in court before, even though there is a separation between church and state, it doesn’t mean that one can impose their believes on others and place religious symbols in public view. Freedom of Speech also does not guarantee you unlimited and unfiltered speech. The classic example of the limits of Freedom of Speech is that one can’t yell fire in a crowded building. Building a a mosque in the ashes of Ground Zero is the architectural equivalent of yelling, “In yo face, bitches.” Islam is not unique to building religious structures over the those of other peoples. There is little coincidence that the Dome of the Rock is built over looking the ruins of the Jewish sacred places. This is not unique to Islam, conquistadores in Mexico built much of their colonial cathedrals using the same building block used to house mesoamerican gods.
The wounds of September 11 will take a long time to heal and all that went though it should pray together not build apart. We should build bridges not walls, and if you think you are building a bridge make sure you block the view of the locals!
Lest we forget, peace be to all the peoples of the book, even those that got the abridge edition!

LOL Hitler

The meaning of symbols change, sometimes from a religious meaning to one synonymous with hatred, such as the swastika. In recent history, the swastika was used as a symbol for Hitler’s Third Reich, under whose emblem an approximate six million Jews, Poles, Gypsies, and other were exterminated. Originally the swastika was not a symbol of hate or murder, it was a religious symbol used by different peoples at different times going back to early civilizations. It is still used today in Hindu homes as a religious symbol, not much unlike the Christian cross or the Jewish star of David. The swastika, again is going through a metamorphosis transformation, especially as the Anti-Defamation League has downgraded the swastika as a Jewish hate symbol. The swastika is still considered a symbol of hate, but not one that specifically targets Jews, it is has broaden it’s horizon to other minorities so to speak.

But the swastika is not the only Nazi symbol that is going through a similar change in meaning, Hitler himself is getting a PR make over. During World Ware II, Hitler was portrayed in American propaganda posters as an tyrannical ape, evil incarnate, or a diabolical villain. In 2005 Prince Harry of Wales has been photograph wearing a Halloween costume of a Nazi soldier. Socialite Paris Hilton was seen doing what seemed like a Nazi salute at a club in 2010. By no means would I ever consider Prince Harry or Paris Hilton as Nazi sympathizers so people are left with the question, why did they behave as such?

There is a growing number of viral internet memes that juxtapose Hitler and something considered cute, like kittens. There is a website devoted to Cats that Look Like Hitler. The website has all sorts of pictures with whose hair color make it resemble the Fuhrer. Another internet meme is that of a little kid dressed up as Hitler himself holding a near empty glass of orange juice with the LOL caption that reads I HAVE ELIMINATED ALL THE JUICE. Another popular Hitler viral meme is to take the clip from the movie The Downfall where Hitler throws a tantrum and dub it in English about some other current event such as the BP oil spill.

I Have Eliminated All The Juice

I Have Eliminated All The Juice

Is Hitler funny? I don’t think Hitler would have doing well in The Last Comic Standing but many are remixing a dark sense of humor with elements of the Third Reich. The swastika, the Nazi symbol, and even Hitler himself are being transformed via viral internet memes to a degree that even the Anti-Defamation League might one day even downgrade Hitler himself as a Jewish hate symbol.

Ideas for Launching Your Start-Up

The June issue of Inc magazine has a list of Ten Ideas for Launching Your Start-Up Right Now. The top startup ideas that interested me where environmental consultant, exam prep and tutoring, self-storage leasing, translation services, and mobile application design. The green sector is fastest growing area in the home construction and remodeling industry. There are new energy saving appliances, materials, and services and people are starting to invest in the area heavily. Self-storage seems attractive because there is little risk, little effort, and little capital to get started. There are a lot of new innovation in self-storage and moving services, from self packing containers, moving equipment rentals, etc. The mobile application development is on fire, mostly because of the huge success of the Apple iTunes App Store. In less than a year, 1 billion iPhone apps where downloaded through the iTunes App Store. I wouldn’t be surprised is Apple develops a way to push desktop apps through a similar model.

Favorite Tweets July 2010

There are some funny people on Twitter. Whenever I find a funny, witty, or thought provoking I usually retweet it and favorite it. Here is a small collection of recent tweets that stoop out to me.

  • @5tevenw: My father always told me, “Be bold! Don’t be italic.”
  • @momosuxx: Does my username make me look fat?
  • @jdickerson: Out back I hear crickets, birds, plane, car, hammering, sprinkler all at once. Distracting me from Twitter distracting me from the paper
  • @ButtercupD: “multi-device-ing” again…PC on lap, iPad to the left and iPhone to the right…and I like it like that!
  • @DamnItsTrue: Facebook is for friends that are now strangers, Twitter is for strangers that should be your friends.
  • @keithie: Tufte lecture: Only two industries describe their customers as “users”, computer software and drugs dealers
  • @centernetworks: iPhone marriage -Two iPhones got married. It was a lovely ceremony, but the reception was awful. Apparently they held it in the wrong place.
  • @alexia: OH: In my next life I want to be reincarnated as a computer.
  • @gurl: Never trust a man in flip flops.
  • @rands: Avoid those who use language to mystify the obvious.
  • @DaRealAmberRose: Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
  • @NatashaYi: Girls are like phones. We love to be held, talked to, but if you press the wrong button you will be disconnected!
  • @batfish: Bacon is the duct tape of the culinary world.
  • @adamjackson: “News” is just a distraction to what’s really going on in our world.
  • @laughlitmus: I need a software that controls US defense systems to remove human error from strategic decisions *must not become self-aware*
  • @SchemaCzar: The beginning of time ain’t what it used to be…
  • @DocHobbes: Outraged that the President does not have a plan in place in the event of a zombie out break / apocalypse.
  • @ladyfox14: OH: ‘It smells like SPF 50 and hash’ ‘The best two smells of summer’
  • @verowhite: I hate packing almost as much as I love traveling.
  • @spangley: OH: “rural oregon is like the west virginia of the west coast.”
  • @Susan_ld4e: If is the longest word
  • @errolmorris: Maybe 95% of all “art” is painting by numbers.
  • @Miss_Officer: Life is the best school. God is the best teacher. Problem is the best assignment. Failure is the best revision.
  • @Jason: Business plans are entrepreneurial masturbation. Please don’t send me business plans or ideas.
  • @mzkay2good: da way i am is cuz of my parents, n their both great but only when their in seperate rooms lol
  • @jlashae: Flaws r beautiful :-)
  • @iBangLSE: My mistakes have made me strong .
  • @Gbaybeeh: There’s a piece of me who leaves when you gone
  • @zpower: as a consumer, what sort of wacky decision tree would cause you to conclude that a $300 sony daily edition is a sound purchase?