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Puff Diddy, otherwise known as P Diddy and about ten other alias, recently reached 1,000,000 followers on Twitter. He put out a video to commemorate his Twitter milestone, a feat accomplished by the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, and Oprah Winfrey. For one reason or another, the rubbed the Twitter community the wrong way and they all revolted with a #unfollowdiddy hashtag that was trending for nearly two days. The unfollow Diddy trend included tweets that gave a funny reason why people should not follow him. Diddy didn’t get the joke, which made it even more funny when he responded with a follow Diddy campaign.

Here is a sample of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of tweets that went out recommending folks to not follow Diddy.

  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because he knows who killed biggie, tupac, and jfk!
  • @xelipe: #unfollowdiddy because I said so!
  • baisemoi: #unfollowdiddy cause there’s no such thing as bad publicity ;)
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because every time you unfollow diddy, an angel gets his wings and an artists gets his money.
  • @UnFollowDiddy1: #unfollowdiddy because he was a backup dancer for milli vanilli
  • @kingofthedogs: #unfollowdiddy Diddy diddled me
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because Bad Boys Records should be called Metrosexual Boys Records
  • @JBZDOTCOM: #unfollowdiddy for losing J-Lo to a corny white dude
  • @MizZBEhavE193: #unfollowdiddy bcuz he invented the Remix- now we gotta endure 10 diff. versions of Turn my Swag On
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because he uses the size of his followers to overcompensating his shortcomings.
  • @apgress: #unfollowdiddy because he can’t make a band.
  • @Kissable88: #unfollowdiddy for the band still not being “made” yet.
  • @JamelTWilkins: Where there’s a Diddy follower, there’s a drunk driver! #unfollowdiddy!
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because he has jumped the shark, the fail whale, and the last train to Paris a long time ago!
  • @warsaddleriver: #UnFollowDiddy because i dont like producers all up in the videos
  • @ItsJayRabBaby: #unfollowdiddy because it’s enough to drive him crazy trying to protect his twitter “rep” and start a failing #followdiddy campaign
  • @Wayno119: #unfollowdiddy for probably being in the next madea movie
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because he sampled my beatz.
  • @kelimessenger: #unfollowdiddy for ruining Sidney Portier’s role in “A Raisin in the Sun”. You can’t remix a movie…
  • @BrightTrotter: #unfollowdiddy because of his role in Carlito’s Way 2.
  • @rodimusprime: #unfollowdiddy for playing a retarded inmate in “Monster’s Ball”.
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because his unfollow diddy trend is more popular than my follow me trend
  • @twilightingirl: #unfollowdiddy b/c it’s raining and i don’t have my umbrella ella ella ella
  • @SoleilISCool: #unfollowdiddy for admittedly writing checks not rhymes!!!
  • @CiscoLaRisco: #unfollowdiddy because he makes little baby Jesus cry
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy #unfollowsouljaboy #unfollowaplusk #unfollowoprah #unfollowbritney #followmeeeeeeee
  • @butterrffree: #unfollowdiddy and follow JESUS!!!
  • @bgall08: @BrwnAnBeautiful #unfollowdiddy cuz proactive dont work
  • @trashybob: i hate haters too. unless they want to #unfollowdiddy
  • @Jay2fly101: #unfollowdiddy CUZ WHEN I PRESS PLAY THA SHIT DIDNT START
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because he sees every follower as a consumer, but I see every follower as a producer.
  • @lazarus_chamber: #unfollowdiddy because I’m getting hate mail for my tweets now.
  • @MizZBEhavE193: #unfollowdiddy because he is the only artist on bad boy making money
  • @bloodycountesss #UnFollowDiddy because he is the root of all bitchassness
  • @fakeJLo: #unfollowdiddy cz instead of adopting kids like Angelina he just leaves kids everywhere
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because he retweets his own tweets, toots his own horns, and slaps his own monkey.
  • @tremendousnews: How dare you #unfollowdiddy over annoying tweets! Unfollow him for the years of exhaustingly bad music.
  • @BulltProofTygr: #UnfollowDiddy for spamming stupid shit just to handle his insecurities.
  • @rojahs: #unfollowdiddy he is the male version of Paris Hilton
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy is not only a trend, it is a movement, a way of life that you can LOCK IN! Let’s GO!
  • @boujisvixen: #unfollowdiddy cause trys to use the word BiTcHaSSnEss! to sell his fucked up T-SHIRTS!
  • @ShortyLongback: #unfollowdiddy because a month ago he went into the studio to make a new album and instead created SWINEFLU!
  • @lazarus_chamber: #unfollowdiddy because you never fallow a man who started his career in the mens room.
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because he sampled other people’s beats, remixed other people’s songs, to take other people’s money.
  • @MisterMcFly: #unfollowdiddy bcuz Day 26’s album comes free with a happy meal.
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because he is insensitive to those that are “locked up” when he says “LOCKED IN”
  • @omgshane: #unfollowdiddy cuz 7 names is too much. Sean John, King Combs, Puffy, Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, Diddy, &now P.Twitty…
  • @BlackSoap247: #unfollowdiddy for reaching 1,000,000 followers before me
  • @KerryKester: #unfollowdiddy for trying to bring the Gotti boys back with Donnie Klang
  • @lolprez: #3wordsaftersex UN-FOLLOW-DIDDY #unfollowdiddy
  • @alisonilana: #unfollowdiddy cause he promotes himself everyday.
  • @Kassay: goodday twits :) Lets support the #unfollowdiddy movement, he calls anyone that doesnt like him a hater, remember who got u where u r!!
  • @AKail: RT @Wayno119: #unfollowdiddy for thinking he can dance better than MJ
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because he sees his million followers as a bitchassness opportunity, I see my followers as an inspiration opportunity
  • @MrSwaggahimself: #unfollowdiddy because he fired 4 interns and the coffee girl this morning after they participated in this trend!
  • @MsLaDieT: #unfollowdiddy because what is a “Puff Daddy?
  • @thepatriciacake: #unfollowdiddy cause he’s been around the world and ay-ay-ya haven’t!
  • @RenRichards: #unfollowdiddy because you are sick of hearing LOCK IN
  • @lolprez: Any artist that wants to be an artist, and not worry about the exec producer trying to be all in the videos… dancing, come #unfollowdiddy
  • @tonystarkk: #unfollowdiddy cos his LOCK IN movement is annoying.and his blatant self-promotion is a boring.
  • @elibraden: #unfollowdiddy because it’s obvious a 14-year-old Valley girl drunk on wine coolers is writing his tweets – NOT a 40-year-old black male
  • @lolprez: #unfollowdiddy because his name is a cross between Power Puff Girls and "Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do"

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  1. I refuse to use Twitter but I am wanting to simply keep reading these reasons.
    Hilarious! If I did use Twitter…I would “follow” him just to “unfollow” him.

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