Tweet Holiday

The holidays are a stressful time for most, I included, but their is usually a payoff at the end in the form of gifts. Here is an aggregation of my holiday tweets.

  • Now I know what sleeping pills are made of, miniaturized thanksgiving turkey dinners.
  • I feel like a jive turkey, stuff with stuffing and fixins.
  • This is the first year I have had an xmas tree that was bigger than myself.
  • Have a holla holliday.
  • Wrapping up gift wrapping.
  • ‘Tis the season of liquidations.
  • Tonight is Christmas eve eve.
  • Tracking Santa on, hope the Russians don’t confuse him for a US spyplane.
  • Gansta wrapping last minute gifts.
  • According to NORAD, Santa has entered US airspace.
  • Happy hip hopping eXtreme Christmas (xmas).
  • T-minus 60 minutes to operation Unwrap Holidays.
  • Watching yule log and drinking egg nog.
  • Spreading cheer like if it was butter.
  • Operation Unwrap Fury was a total success.
  • Made out like a pirate.
  • Santa not only brought gifts, he also brought the rain, I guess it is better than if he brought the pain.
  • I got PSP, DS, Wii, XBox 360, DVD, Blu Ray media, the only media I didn’t get was music CDs.
  • At Stanford mall getting a security device removed from an Xmas gift, will there another person came in for the same reason.

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Tweet Bailout

It is now clear that the Bush Bailout has been a complete failure for the hundreds of thousands of home owners going into foreclosure. Sure, big backs and bank executive got cash flowing but not enough to thaw the credit crunch, especially in time to avoid the 7.2% unemployment rate. Now that we are going to get ready for an Obama inauguration and in the aftermath of the Madoff here is a snapshot of my bailout tweets.

  • If I fail, maybe my family will bail me out. If the bankers fail, with billions of investors money, then the government bails them out.
  • The government will not bail out the people, they will only bail out the system.
  • I am short on liquid assets, I want the fed to bail me out too.
  • bull market ^ bull shit = collapse + bailout = taxes * people + prices hikes * products = bankers @ vacation homes.
  • Strong economy, it is a bull market. Weak economy, a bear market. Economy collapses, a bear will maul you while a bull gores you.
  • Bailout = No Bankers left behind. Stop Loss = Soldiers left behind in war zone.
  • Some are bearish, others are bullish, but most are foolish.
  • Bank busts are the new dot com busts.
  • There has always been a arms race between government regulators and wall street greed that leads to an all out economic crisis.
  • When communism fails, iron curtains are curtailed. When capitalism fails, banks file for bankruptcy.
  • The financial industry is a giant institutionalized pyramid scheme, why do you the dollar bill has pyramid on the back?
  • The auto industry has been hit and miss for too long, well actually they been miss and crash.
  • It is official, the US economy has been in recession for a year. Why did it take the government a whole year to figure that out?
  • During the last recession, we had a digital web 2.0 renaissance. What will develop out of this recession now that it is official?
  • I guess the auto bailout out was not so automatic.
  • Being iced out is the new having liquid assets.

I frequently tweet and update my social status. If you like to follow or befriend me, feel free to hit me up on twitter,, and/or FriendFeed.