Bailout Bonanza

Here is a stream of my tweets on the possible economic bailout.

  • Bailout = No Bankers left behind. Stop Loss = Soldiers left behind in war zone.
  • Strong economy, it is a bull market. Weak economy, a bear market. Economy collapses, a bear will maul you while a bull gores you..
  • bull market ^ bull shit = collapse + bailout = taxes * people + prices hikes * products = bankers @ vacation homes.
  • I am short on liquid assets, I want the fed to bail me out too.
  • An idea that makes money, even if it doesn’t make any sense, will be considered a great idea. An idea is only dumb when it loses money.
  • The government will not bail out the people, they will only bail out the system.
  • If I fail, maybe my family will bail me out. If the bankers fail, with billions of investors money, then the government bails them out.

Economic Fail

Honest Products

Here is a interesting contest on Worth 1000 that renames commonly used products to match their qualities. Some of my favorite logo hacks are the following FBI and Starbucks logos.

Department of Injustice
Department of Injustice

Caffeine Addiction
Caffeine Addiction