Bailout Bonanza

Here is a stream of my tweets on the possible economic bailout.

  • Bailout = No Bankers left behind. Stop Loss = Soldiers left behind in war zone.
  • Strong economy, it is a bull market. Weak economy, a bear market. Economy collapses, a bear will maul you while a bull gores you..
  • bull market ^ bull shit = collapse + bailout = taxes * people + prices hikes * products = bankers @ vacation homes.
  • I am short on liquid assets, I want the fed to bail me out too.
  • An idea that makes money, even if it doesn’t make any sense, will be considered a great idea. An idea is only dumb when it loses money.
  • The government will not bail out the people, they will only bail out the system.
  • If I fail, maybe my family will bail me out. If the bankers fail, with billions of investors money, then the government bails them out.

Economic Fail